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Covid-19: 350 corona deaths in Delhi, Oxygen Categorical will carry 70 tons of oxygen this night

Covid-19, Delhi, coronavirus, oxygen, information: Delhi continues to wreak havoc with the Corona, an infection in the country’s capital. On Sunday, 350 people died from the coronavirus and an infection within the last 24 hours, while more than 22,900 cases were reported. This is a topic of reduction for Delhi, which has to do with oxygen loss, which will reach 70 piles of oxygen here on Monday evening.

The primary oxygenated 4 tankers of 70 tons of oxygen left Jindal Metal Plant in Raigad on Sunday evening, which can reach Delhi on Monday evening. In addition, learn – This well-known TV actor will announce the 1000 bed Kovid clinic in Patna and Lucknow At the same time, in view of the growing demand for oxygen in hospitals in Delhi, 8 oxygen producing vegetation is being regulated from the PM Cares Fund. One plant was once arranged, with 4 different vegetation expected to be planted by April 30th.

The rest 3 can also be quickly arranged. In addition, learn – BJP MLA dies due to Corona virus, husband dies additionally after 3 days Primary oxygen category will reach the rural capital this night by filling 70 tons of oxygen in 4 tankers. This particular is going to achieve Cantonment tonight in Delhi with oxygen from Jindal Metal Paintings in Raigad. Explain that as a way to meet the higher demand for oxygen due to the rise in Kovid-19 conditions in many spaces, the Railways have decided to run the oxygen category. Also learn – Delhi Covid Care Heart: Kovid Care Heart with 500 beds in Delhi to start from Monday, ITBP causes Corona infection kills 350 people in Delhi, more than 22,900 conditions reported Sunday, 22,933 new conditions of the coronavirus infection were reported in Nadilli and an additional 350 people died of this deadly disease.


Delhi has been given the lowest choice of circumstances within the last 10 days, but the determined rate has not dropped now. The infection rate within the rural capital is 30.21%. In accordance with the Executive Bulletin on Well-being, the total choice of infections within the rural capital is higher to 10, 27,715 and the total dying toll is higher to 14, 248. Moreover, the choice of underserved people in Delhi is higher to 94,592 . According to the bulletin, 21,071 patients were cured within the last 24 hours.