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Coronavirus Count: Worldwide cases of COVID-19 have re-closed 16.5 million, 654,327 deaths, and Kentucky bars

The worldwide number of confirmed coronavirus cases that cause COVID-19 climbed to 16.5 million on Tuesday, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University, and the death toll rose to 654,327. At least 9.6 million people have recovered. The number of U.S. cases rose to 4.29 million and the death toll rose to 148,056. Texas became the fourth state with more than 400,000 cases, joining California, Florida, and New York. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear takes the advice of Dr. White House Task Force coordinator Deborah Birx, who was set up over the weekend to manage the pandemic, said Kentucky and several other states should reset bar closures and limit indoor meetings to control spread . Beshear ordered the bars to be closed again for two weeks, starting on Tuesday, reported the New York Times. Brazil ranks second in the US with 2.4 million cases and 87,618 deaths. India ranks third, measured in cases of 1.5 million, followed by Russia with 822,060 and South Africa with 452,529. The UK has 301,708 cases and 45,844 deaths, the highest in Europe and the third highest in the world. China, where the disease was first reported late last year, has 86,783 cases and 4,656 deaths.