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Things you should know when converting your guesthouse into student accommodation

The purpose of this text is to teach people with things that they ought to know when converting your B&B, hostel, guesthouses or boutique hotel into student accommodation (because there’s just never enough student accommodation available).


There’s an entire lot of reasons why we expect this is often a superb idea (and it’s not simply because our passion is to assist students find safe and secure accommodation), from already having the facilities and meeting most of the wants for student accommodation without having to spend an arm and a leg on major renovations; to the very fact that renting to students provides you with stable monthly income for the year that isn’t contingent seasons and therefore the tourism industry.


To give you a far better idea of what you’d got to do to accomplish this, we’ve put together ten things we expect you ought to know if you’re considering converting your guesthouse, hostel, boutique hotel or B&B into student accommodation:


  1. you’re already within the zone!

As you’ve got been running a guesthouse, hostel, boutique hotel or B&B, your property would have already got had to be zoned accordingly and wouldn’t require rezoning so as to be converted into student accommodation, which removes the strain of getting to urge your property rezoned. you’ll also already be compliant with all of the legislative requirements (national, regional and municipal) regulating health and safety, and you’ll have your certificates of compliance and can be conversant in the way to renew them on an annual basis from the relevant authority. This includes the subsequent certificates: occupational health and safety; fire safety, prevention and detection mechanisms and procedures; electricity and gas installations; and staff, mechanisms and procedures.

  1. Location, location, location!

When it involves student accommodation, location is key! Students got to be ready to visit their campus easily and intrinsically require accommodation that’s as on the brink of their campus as possible, or on the brink of transports routes that visit campus. If you’re considering converting your b&b, hostel, boutique hotel or guesthouse into student accommodation, you ought to first check your proximity to local campuses and make sure that your property’s location is on the brink of secure conveyance that runs at regular intervals. it’s also important to, if your property is quite 3km from campus, have parking lot available for college kids with cars.


  1. Fast, uncapped WIFI is that the lifeblood of scholars

One of – if not the foremost – important requirements a student has is fast (and preferably uncapped) Wi-Fi. within the unlikely event that you simply don’t have already got Wi-Fi on your property, you’ll got to install it so as to satisfy the wants for student accommodation.


  1. You have already got furniture covered

The great thing about converting a b&b, hostel, guesthouse, or boutique hotel into student accommodation is that you simply will have already got most of the furniture that student accommodation requires. This includes beds, mattresses, cupboards and chairs. you’ll also prefer to offer students bedding otherwise you can prefer to have them to provide their own – it’s up to you.but confirm each bedroom features a desk.

If you’re converting your B&B, guesthouse, etc. into student accommodation, you’ll not have a desk and desk chair in each room; however, as studying is that the main reason why students attend university (or a minimum of it should be), its imperative that you simply equip each bedroom with a desk and chair for college kids to study/work/complete assignments at.


  1. A fitted kitchen may be a must

This is where you’ll need to do some renovations because more often than not B&Bs, guesthouses, etc. don’t include fitted kitchens within the rooms. so as to successfully convert your property into student accommodation, you’ll got to make sure that your students have access to a fitted kitchen/kitchenette, either in their individual rooms or a communal kitchen with enough fridge and space for storing.


  1. beginning your accommodation

When converting your B&B, hostel, etc. into student accommodations, you’ll got to consider how you would like to line it out. for instance, if you’ve got four smaller rooms and two bigger rooms, you’ll install two beds and have two students to share the larger rooms while individual students can take up the smaller rooms. because of your B&B, guesthouse, etc. history, you ought to have already got an honest bathroom to bedroom ratio, which suggests you’ll not need to worry about renovating to feature more bathrooms.


  1. Amenities

You will need to consider whether you’ll offer additional amenities like laundry facilities, DSTV (if you’ve got it installed) and cleaning services – also as what proportion you’ll charge for these. you’ll even have to think about how you’re getting to bill students for water an electricity (i.e. meter or prepaid).


  1. Security is NB

In order for your student accommodation to satisfy the wants, you’ll got to make sure that you’ve got adequate security measures, especially when it involves access control. the great thing is that you simply should have already got variety of security measures in situ , including access control, to guard your guests and these are often continued or upgraded to make sure the security and security of scholars .