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CONFIDENTIAL EDEN: Prince Andrew plots plans to use Falklands 40th anniversary for public comeback

Despite of His current trials and tribulations, no one can take Prince Andrew away from his heroic role as a helicopter pilot in the Falklands War.

And I hear the Queen’s second son plans to use his military career as a way to return to public life.

Next year will mark the 40th anniversary of the South Atlantic conflict, which killed 255 British servicemen, and the Duke of York will attend memorial events in the summer.

“The Duke is determined to participate in the Falklands commemorations,” a source tells me. “The Falklands were a key moment in his life and he wants to honor his fallen comrades. With this he hopes to pave the way for a return to public life.’

Prince Andrew arrives to go riding in Windsor

Prince Andrew arrives to go riding in Windsor

Today marks the second anniversary of Andrew’s withdrawal from royal duties, following the overwhelmingly negative response to his Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis about his ill-advised friendship with the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Virginia Giuffre claims she was forced to have sex with the Duke three times when she was 17.

However, earlier this month, a US judge set a January date for Andrew’s bid to have his prosecutor’s charges dismissed.

Heroes' return: Prince is met by the queen after a conflict

Heroes' return: Prince is met by the queen after a conflict

Heroes’ return: Prince is met by the queen after a conflict

He has repeatedly and vehemently denied the allegations.

My source tells me, “The Duke expects the New York trial to be settled long before the Falklands events.”

A spokesperson for one of the organizations Andrew is still involved with, the Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel Trust, says he is very welcome. “We have a big memorial service on June 12th. It’s all about those who got lost, the veterans, whoever they were, those who were lucky enough to come home.”

A royal source wants to clarify that Andrew will attend events as a veteran, saying: ‘No invitation has been received for the Duke to attend events in an official capacity.’ Andrew’s spokesperson declined to comment.

Duke of York aboard HMS Invincible during the Falklands War, serving as a helicopter pilot

Duke of York aboard HMS Invincible during the Falklands War, serving as a helicopter pilot

Duke of York aboard HMS Invincible during the Falklands War, serving as a helicopter pilot

Has Kate kicked her runway career up the butt?

She’s had one of fashion’s most successful careers, spanning three decades, but could Kate Moss finally walk away from the catwalk for good?

I’m asking because the 47-year-old supermodel this week shut down the long-standing business through which she channeled her runway revenue, Skate.

Newly filed documents show that the company, which she founded in 2008, has officially ceased trading.

At one point it had around £5 million in assets. Her spokesperson declined to comment, but friends say she is now focusing on the company she founded in 2016 to manage the careers of fellow fashion models, the Kate Moss Agency.

“I want people who can sing, dance and act,” she explained at the launch. “I want to make stars.”

The move comes after a moving van was spotted outside Moss’ north London home for two days in a row, suggesting the reformed bon vivant left city life.

Moss also has a cottage in the Cotswolds, where she spent most of her time during the pandemic with daughter Lila, 19 – pictured above in London’s Hyde Park Winter Wonderland – and friend Count Nikolai von Bismarck, 34.

As the new boss of the Landed Gentry Union, Mark Tufnell should be used to sitting astride a horse while he hunts.

However, in a startling confession, Tufnell, who owns an estate in the Cotswolds, has admitted that he is afraid of all things horse.

And his fear kept him from becoming a veterinarian.

“I found myself terrified of horses – I couldn’t get near them,” admits the new Country Landowners’ Association president.

Let’s hope his members don’t gallop away…

Chelsea chocolate war ends in sweet revenge for Chantal…

Who knew chocolate could leave such a bitter taste? I get word of an inappropriate feud in the genteel world of expensive treats.

At next week’s Chelsea Physic Garden Christmas Fair, one stall will be staffed by Chantal Coady, co-chair of the Academy of Chocolate, who will officially launch her company, The Chocolate Detective.

Across the lawn, the affluent shoppers of west London will find Rococo, the firm Coady founded and spent 37 years turning into a luxury brand adored by the Queen and Hollywood stars.

However, this booth will be managed by Rupert Morley, an administrator of Comic Relief, now the sole owner.

Coady abruptly left the company she loved so much in 2019. Morley invested in the company in 2017 when Rococo had five stores and was valued at £10 million.

To Coady’s dismay, she was gradually removed from the company until it suddenly went into administration in 2019. Morley took over Rococo weeks later.

“Losing Rococo was hell for Chantal,” a friend tells me. “She was wiped out financially and emotionally.

“It’s been very sad, but she’s fighting back and starting over.”

Morley refuses to comment, but I hope this war can have a sweet ending.