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Computer corneals: how to avoid digital eye strain

There’s no denying it: this is the digital era. The digital and pandemic-induced “working from home” era have forced more and more people to work from home, using devices in situations they wouldn’t be if they were in the actual office.

Naturally, this leads to a heightened risk of digital eye strain. It’s not a very pleasant feeling, but it can be diminished by doing certain things at home to protect your eyes from the annoying, rarely ongoing, annoyance of digital eye strain.

So, before you consult your eye doctor, or eye surgeon for that matter, here are nine ways you can ward off digital eye strain at home!

  • The 20/20/20 rule

If you’ve found yourself using your work device for hours at home, be sure to take a 20 second break from said device every 20 minutes. Focus your eyes on something that is at least 20 feet away as this will allow your eyes to readjust their focus.

  • Think about blinking

Our eyes are easily susceptible to drying out when we use screens as we forget to blink. Be sure to blink more when using your computer, phone, tablet etc.

  • Move around

One of the good things about working from home is that you do have the opportunity to move around more without your annoying boss getting on your case for it! Be sure to get up every 15 minutes and go for a short stroll around the home, stretching and resting your eyes as you do so.

  • Keep your monitor at the right angle

You shouldn’t really be looking too far down or up at your monitor, as both are bad for your eyes and posture in different ways. Instead, try to position your monitor around 15-20 degrees below the eye at a distance of 20-28 inches from your eyes.

  • Is the lighting eye friendly?

You don’t want to be in a workspace with too much glare. Position your screen away from overhead lighting and fluorescent lights. You can also close the curtains if glare is causing you too much trouble whilst you work.

  • And what about your display?

An overly bright screen in a dimmed-light area can contribute to feelings of eye strain. To avoid this, be sure to adjust your display settings so that the light is something like that in your space. If your screen looks too much like it is lighting the room, be sure to turn down its brightness. But if it’s too dark and hard to read you may want to consider turning up the brightness.

  • It’s good to be cosy

The importance of proper workplace posture can never be underestimated, as it can also have an impact on your eyes. You should be using a cosy, padded chair and be able to use the armrests that are there to support you as you work.

  • Pick up a document holder

If you find yourself always looking back between documents and your screen – you may want to consider a document holder. Paperwork can be well-placed below your monitor but above your keyboard as well as located at an angle in front of your monitor.

  • A visit to your eye doctor never hurts!

If you are concerned about your screen time damaging your eyes, or are continuously feeling the pitfalls of digital eye strain, then perhaps it is actually time to consult your eye doctor. They can provide you with useful information on how to diminish the strain of too much screen time as well as provide you with suggestions on how to correct the problem in the long run.