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Combustion cars have their days numbered unless you can afford them: Ferrari and Lamborghini want the European Union to make an exception with their supercars

2035 is the year chosen by the European Commission to end gasoline or diesel cars. It will be then when they should stop selling cars of this type. Most manufacturers are already adapting and even put a few years before the end of combustion cars. But not everyone has in mind to make the electrical transition so fast.

This is the case of Ferrari or Lamborghini, the two mythical luxury car brands. They have such a difference in approach that from Italy they have initiated strong pressure to try to get the European Union to create an exception for the sale of supercars.

Less than 10,000 cars a year make a difference?

The matter is not trivial and at stake is part of the business of these giants of the automotive world. “I really don’t see Ferrari going to be 100% electric and certainly in my life it will not even reach 50 percent “, Louis Camilleri, CEO of Ferrari, assured at the end of 2020.

To act as an intermediary, Mario Draghi has started talks with the European Union with the aim of protecting supercar manufacturers and see if it is possible to get this exception, Roberto Cingolani, Minister of Ecological Transition, explains to Bloomberg.


The Lamborghini Sián will be its first hybrid car, but it is the exception, not the rule. Image: Toni Zaat

Italy is committed to reducing emissions, but considers that the supercar sector “is a niche” and should be seen how these future restrictions apply to manufacturers selling less than 10,000 cars per year.

Car brands' plans to end combustion models and make only electric cars

In total, according to data from Cingolani, who was also responsible at Ferrari, he maintains that Ferrari sold about 9,100 cars in 2020, while Lamborghini sales were around 7,400.

“These cars need a very special technology and need batteries to make the transition,” explains the Italian minister. Batteries that at the moment are not available and would be necessary to produce these electric super sports cars on a large scale.

The European Union is currently in the first phase of this plan to end combustion cars by 2035. It is time for those affected to start a process of debate and put your arguments on the table.

The Commission has not wanted to give wings to this request from the Italian lobby and the spokesmen have limited themselves to saying that “all car manufacturers will have to contribute to this reduction.”

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Nevertheless, countries like France have left the door open for the European Union to be flexible in the implementation of this emission reduction. During the IAA show in Munich, the president of the Association of Automobile Manufacturers has given his direct support to this issue, arguing that “in the panorama of total emissions, these small manufacturers have a practically non-existent role”.

Imagen | Lance Asper