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Colt from 90 Day Fiance responds to Jess’ ‘Jealousy’ about Vanessa Friendship

An unwanted third wheel. Colt Johnson was not prepared for his girlfriend Jess Caroline‘s response to his friend Vanessa Guerra babysitting their cats while they were away in Brazil.

“I had no idea that Vanessa would look after the cats if she caused so much jealousy and anger,” said the 90-day fiancé star, 36, tells exclusively Us weekly about the episode of the TLC series on Sunday, August 2.

Colt added that he’s not sure if his friendship with Vanessa will ever get romantic, but said he’s satisfied with keeping things platonic.

Colt Johnson, Jess Caroline and Vanessa Guerra TLC (3)

“I have no idea what the future holds,” he said. “I mean, I didn’t even think about 2020, it would be all the way. So it’s hard to say what tomorrow will be, but Vanessa is a great friend, you know, she’s my best friend and enough is enough at this point. ‘

But Colt’s mother, Debbie Johnson, Vanessa seems to approve as a potential life partner for her son.

“I love Vanessa,” she said. “I think she is a really nice man and a real treasure and I am very happy that they are friends.”

Colt introduced Jess to Vanessa on an episode of 90-day fiancé: happily ever after? earlier this month. He said on the show that he met Vanessa while still married to his ex-wife, Larissa Dos Santos Lima.

“I met Vanessa during the last few months of my marriage to Larissa,” Colt said. “We started talking online. And in the end we decided to meet in a casino, and we immediately succeeded. ‘

He added, “Jess never met Vanessa. She doesn’t even understand who Vanessa is. And she is so jealous of her. ‘

Colt revealed about the new season of Long and happy? that he and Jess are an item after his divorce from Larissa, 33. The former couple quit in January 2019; their divorce was finalized three months later.

But Debbie said U.S that she is not the biggest fan of Colt from Jess. “I think she’s probably a very nice girl,” she explained. “I think she’s wrong for Colt. I think she chased Colt for the wrong reasons and I just don’t think they were a good match, but I’m sure she would be perfect for someone else. ‘

90-day fiancé: happily ever after? aired on TLC Sunday at 8:00 PM ET.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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