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Collision between two trains leaves at least 30 dead in Pakistan

About 1,100 passengers were on board the trains, according to railroad officials.

The collision between two express trains in southern Pakistan on the morning of Monday (7), left at least 30 passengers dead, according to information from the Associated Press news agency.

According to Umar Tufail, police chief of Ghotki district in Sindh province, where the accident occurred, authorities are working to get machines to rescue people trapped in the Millat Express.

“Right now, the challenge for us is to quickly rescue passengers who are still trapped in the wreckage,” Tufail says. Railroad officials say about 1,100 passengers were on board the two trains.

Local authorities said the Millat Express derailed and was hit by the Sir Syed Express train. It is not yet clear what caused the derailment.

On a social network, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imram Khan wrote that he was “shocked” by the “terrible tragedy” in Ghotki. He also said that he ordered the railway minister to go to the site to ensure assistance to the wounded and that he will request an investigation into failures in the railway.