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Code.org arrives in Spain: the reference organization to promote programming among the little ones will help in our country

Spain has a new ally to teach programming to children. Code.org, the worldwide reference non-profit organization in this task, announced today its arrival in Spain.

It is not easy to see political parties of different colors jointly supporting an initiative, but the objective of promoting programming in Spain and promote it as a core subject in primary and secondary has strong support. This is derived from the event held by this organization together with Pilar Alegría, Minister of Education and Professional Training.

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The organization founded nine years ago by Hadi Partovi, present at the event at the Fundación Telefónica headquarters, has important support worldwide, from personalities like Barack Obama or Bill Gates to multi-million dollar funds from companies like Amazon, Facebook or Google.

In Spain, a campaign has been carried out with the four former presidents of the government and messages from front-line politicians from the different parties. A demonstration that the objectives of the organization are widely supported. The objective is bring Spain closer to the levels of the US, where half of basic education schools already teach programming.

Pilar Alegria With ChildrenPilar Alegria With Children

Different personalities from the Spanish technology industry participated among the attendees; from the president of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete, to the Secretary of State for digitization and AI, Carme Artigas, through Carlos Izquierdo, CEO of Cabify, Oscar Pierre, founder of Glovo or Cuca Gamarra, president of the Konecta group.

According to the report ‘Education in computer science in Spain 2015’ of the FECYT, 82% of teachers have never learned to use technology to teach.

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Spain will be the new EMEA headquarters of this organization that offers free and open training content in 60 languages, has 64 million students and more than 2 million teachers have an account on the platform. It remains to be seen if, with its arrival in Spain, programming education manages to take that leap that has been sought for so many years.