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CoD: Modern Warfare / Warzone Season 5 Trailer confirms map changes, patch size revealed

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare / Warzone Season 5 has finally received a trailer and confirms most of the rumors about the update. As we’ve heard from various sources within Call of Duty, Season 5 will mainly focus on Warzone with some pretty big changes coming to the map of Verdansk – in particular, players will be able to shoot the previously inaccessible football stadium and take loot from a new one train. You can watch the trailer for Season 5 below.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare / Warzone Season 5 dated, shadow fraction detailed

If you’re playing Modern Warfare / Warzone on PS4, you can now preload the Season 5 update, which weighs a fairly hefty 36 GB. It is unknown if the patch will be the same size on PC and Xbox One (preloading is not supported on those platforms). We don’t have full details yet on what season 5 will include, but we expect another battle pass, weapons and the new Shadow Company faction, which will include new operators, Lerch, Velikan and Pink. Here’s some more information about Shadow Company:

Shadow Elite, an elite PMC, operates outside the boundaries of the original truce. Forged from the fires of the battles between the Coalition and the Allegiance, Shadow Company has its own framework and agenda. Seemingly Allegiance Operators Impatient With Coalition Progress Led By Captain Price, Shadow Company Is A Splinter Group Formed Without Compromise, Ready To Take The War Directly To Mister Z And To Verdansk And Directly Address Terrorist Threats . All experts in their field with formal military experience, this trio is willing to change Verdansk’s current experience.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone are available now for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Season 5 opens this Wednesday (August 5). What do you think? Curious about the new content or are you already looking forward to the next Call of Duty?

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