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“Coca-Cola” Giveaway scam on Facebook be aware

Citizens should be aware of internet scams posing as the “Coca-Cola Welfare Fund,” according to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

According to a statement received by Radio National of Cambodia from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, a phishing attempt was recently carried out by delivering links to users on social media via text messages.

“Coca-Cola Welfare Fund” is a non-profit organization founded by Coca-Cola. Participants who complete the survey have a chance to win 200,000 Riels. The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications wants to educate the public about this fraud and how to avoid it. One using any company’s logo and the false message: “You are extremely fortunate to have been chosen for the survey.” You will receive a fantastic reward in just one minute! We have some awards ready for individuals who took part in the survey.”

Scammers will then ask you to answer questions and share them on Facebook Messenger with your friends. The Thieves will also tell you that by merely entering in your personal information such as your name, date of birth, phone number, and address, you will be rewarded with cash.

IT criminals will be able to access your social media accounts using this information. Please enable the two-factor authentication function in your social media account.