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Chris Pratt’s son is ‘excited’ before the birth of pregnant Katherine Schwarzenegger

Future big brother! Chris Pratt7-year-old son Jack can’t wait for his pregnant stepmother, Katherine Schwarzenegger, To give birth.

“Chris is so excited and so is the older brother-to-be Jack!” a source tells exclusively Us weekly on the “Hot Hollywood” podcast of the actor’s son with ex-wife Anna Faris. Jack talks to his dad and Katherine about it. He is so excited that a sibling and his family grow. ‘

Jack and the Gift of forgiveness author, 30, “is close by and tightly knit,” the insider adds.

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt Rob Latour / Shutterstock

In April, news broke that the Guardians of the Universe star, 41, is expecting to join him and Schwarzenegger’s first child. Now that the podcast host of ‘The Dog That Changed Me’ is in her third trimester, she feels ‘great’.

“She is still running and doing small workouts, she loves to be on the road,” says the insider U.S. “For the most part, she feels great because she gets close to the baby and she is so excited to be a mother.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s daughter went for a walk with her husband earlier this month and is “ready to pop” the Parks and recreation alum wrote on his Instagram Story.

“Still don’t stop on top of the mountain today,” Pratt endorsed the social media upload. “A little thankful it didn’t go down the path to be real.”

He and Katherine married in June 2019 in Montecito, California. The Rock what you have author is “an incredible wife and stepmother,” he wrote via Instagram four months later.

In February the Jurassic World the star continued to tell E! News: “She is a great stepmother. She will – willingly – become a wonderful mother one day. ‘

Pratt sees ‘many children’ telling in their future Entertainment tonight in 2019 he imagines ‘less time spent working, more time enjoying life’. He added, “I always want to be that man who works to live, not work. I think [I want to spend] just a lot of time on the farm and a lot of time to catch a lot of fish and see a lot of sunsets. ”

With reporting by Brody Brown