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Choosing between becoming an app developer vs. mobile developer

Two digital interfaces, such as web and mobile apps, remain the two most popular career choices for developers around the world. While web development has been a career path for years, mobile app development is quickly catching up and presents excellent opportunities for IT students and experienced developer professionals around the world.

Which career path as an aspiring developer should you choose? What difference do they have? What are the learning curves you need to deal with each of them? Here we are going to answer all these questions as vividly as possible.

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Career overview for web development

Web development as a career path has expanded to various specifications and categories. Here we explain these career paths and job titles.

Programmer or developer

The programmers or developers have to write code for developing the frontend or backend of a website. In general, web development should be familiar with coding in different key languages.

Front end developer

Front-end referring to the customer-facing features of the website project requires coding skills with leading web languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Backend developer

Backend that refers to the server functions of a web project needs coding skills to control how a website processes the information and uses it to execute user requests. PHP, Ruby and Python are the most common and widely used backend languages.

Full stack developer

Full-stack developers are familiar with coding skills for frontend and backend languages, ensuring easy data transfer and collaboration between server and client-side development.

What is it like to be a web developer?

Web developers generally have two major career paths: working as a dedicated developer salaried in a company or working as an independent freelance developer. While the full-time position in a development company provides a better career growth path and sustainable pay, working as a freelance contractor can present greater challenges and volatility.

What is it like to be a Mobile App Developer?

Just like working as a web developer, you can work in a short amount of time as a dedicated app developer in salaried employment mobile app development company or self-employed as a freelancer. An experienced mobile app developer with high exposure to quality projects can earn a decent income in a mobile app development company in addition to growth opportunities. On the other hand, if you have a zeal to take on challenges and build your brand footprint, you can start out as an independent contractor, and the sky is the limit for opportunities.

What do mobile app developers do?

Mobile app developers in an app project perform several responsibilities such as the following.

  • They build, test and improve mobile apps.
  • Meet customer and project needs in terms of quality, features, performance and user experience.
  • Code using different programming languages ​​as required by the specific operating system environments.
  • Prototype, design, iterate and build the interface of the app.
  • Create and write test scripts for various testing needs.
  • Troubleshoot, fix errors and bugs, and detect and fix performance and usability issues.

Mobile app developers generally work and collaborate with analysts, project managers, designers, software engineers, the QA testing team, and the Business Operation team.

Key trends to watch out for in both web and mobile app development

There is little doubt that web and mobile app development are rapidly evolving areas of expertise with several key technology trends. There has been a lot of demand from aspiring developers for both web and mobile app projects in recent years. Here we are going to take a brief look at these technologies that future developers should focus on.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT representing the connected reality of gadgets is already used by the vast majority of smartphone devices worldwide. From the GPS sensors tracking your location data to barcode scanning performed by your smartphone, we often overlook the numerous cases of using Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets. As IoT continues to be the answer to smarter mobile interactions of the future, developers with IoT expertise will face increased demand in the near future.

AR or Augmented Reality

AR-powered mobile user experience has already broken new ground in app development, resulting in unprecedented sophistication and smooth user experience. Augmented Reality or AR has made the mobile user experience more refined and smoother by blurring the lines between living reality and the digital interface. AR is in high demand in most customer-facing app projects, including retail, real estate, gaming, entertainment, and many others.

PWAs or Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs that represent a unique web technology that provides the users with a native mobile user experience have become extremely popular. PWAs provide instant load time, smooth access from the mobile screen, offline access, and intuitive interaction with device functions, just like native mobile apps. No wonder many startup and small business web projects are embracing PWAs to make their digital footprint more mobile. This is why web developers with experience and skills for PWA will continue to enjoy an increasing demand.

AMP or accelerated mobile pages

As web traffic on smartphones continues to rise, the mobile user experience has become crucial for web projects. This is where Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP has come as a popular technology to change the ball game. AMPs instantly load mobile-optimized web pages that will be a mainstay in the web development of the future. For an aspiring web developer, it is essential to become familiar with AMP development skills.


Both mobile app development and web development offer huge career prospects for the aspiring developers of the future. How to hone your development skills by embracing the latest technologies and adapting to the latest trends will determine your career growth.

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