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Chip Wars: How Apple and Google Are Killing Longtime Intel and Qualcomm (Podcast Clear the X # 159)

The appearance of the latest Google mobiles has attracted attention for many things, but above all for the debut of this company as a manufacturer of microchips: the Google Tensors now compete with the offers of Qualcomm, Samsung or Huawei.

In fact, there are several manufacturers that have decided to take charge of this part of their business: from manufacturing mobiles they have also gone on to manufacture chips, and the reason seems clear in all cases.

To talk about all this we have today in ‘Clear the X’ to Juan Carlos Lopez (@juanklore), editor in Engadget, already a server, Javier Pastor (@javipas), also editor in this house. The production is as always in charge of Saints Araújo (@santiaraujo).

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I cook it, I eat it

Apple was one of the first along with Samsung to decide that they could make their own mobile SoCs themselves. The Cupertino firm has managed to become an absolute benchmark and in fact it has made the leap to use that experience to launch its M1 chips for laptops and desktops.

Other competitors have done the same. This is the case of Huawei, but also of Google with its recent Google Tensor. All of them compete with “white label” manufacturers. that until now were the preferred option in the market.

Qualcomm and MediaTek begin to have things somewhat more difficult, and there is even talk that Oppo is also thinking of creating its own chips.

What is clear is that the market is more interesting than ever thanks to the options offered by the ARM architecture. These movements are aimed at one thing only: achieve control of development and production cyclesIt remains to be seen whether these strategies will end an ecosystem that is too unequal that harms some and favors others.

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