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China sets the ethical guidelines of the national AI: greater control against the algorithms of big technology

In recent days the government of China has published the first set of national ethical guidelines on artificial intelligence. Your guide to how public and private AI-related projects should unfold. Some guidelines that emphasize the control that the country has recently applied over its large technology companies.

In its project to achieve world technological leadership, China has among its main points artificial intelligence or quantum computing, something where they also advance by leaps and bounds as we have seen. In order to achieve this, it has also developed ethical guidelines to guide the development of AI at the national level.

Tight control and under human control

The new ethical guidelines are based on a project that began in 2019 and was promoted by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The goal with this is ensure a future of artificial intelligence where humans remain in control. A control not only over the development of AI, but also in mundane decisions that are not influenced by an algorithm.

Thinking about the social transformations that artificial intelligence and technology in general can generate in the long term, the new guidelines seek to explore the risks that this implementation can bring. They seek to guarantee make artificial intelligence controllable and reliableas well as enhancing human well-being or promoting justice and privacy.


According to SCMP, there is a emphasis on protecting the user and giving him more power over platforms. We have seen this movement in recent months with the heavy hand that China is applying on its technology. Greater control to limit their capabilities when using recommendation algorithms, with the excuse that it must be the user who finally decides.

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Another aspect where the new guidelines are indexed is security. AIs are prohibited from engaging in illegal activities or endangering the national security, public safety or industrial security of the country. Definitely, cannot harm the public interest national.

China has in mind become the international leader in artificial intelligence by the end of this decade. In the West they know it and seek to ally themselves to face it. Achieving this implies a gigantic investment in the technology industry and a commitment to the giants of the country that are already achieving it. Of course, under the supervision of the State.

Via | SCMP