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China has released videos of its Mars rover Zhurong.

Video of China’s Zhurong rover trundling across the surface of Mars has been released by the country’s space agency.

A wireless camera that the robot had put on the ground was used to capture the images.


Sequences from Zhurong’s landing in May, depicting the deployment of its parachute system and the moment of touchdown, are also included in the latest media release.


The six-wheeled robot is examining the Utopia Planitia region.


Zhurong has driven 236 meters in 42 Mars sols, according to the China National Space Agency (CNSA) (as of 27 June). Sol is a day on Mars. At 24 hours and 39 minutes, it lasts slightly longer than an Earth day.

The latest movies were transmitted to Earth by the Tianwen-1 satellite orbiting Mars.

“The orbiter and the Mars rover are in fine working order, reporting safely from Mars to the party and the homeland, and offering distant blessings on the 100th anniversary of the formation of the party,” according to a CNSA press release.


The founding of the Chinese Communist Party will be commemorated on July 1st for the 100th time.


It was believed that a video of the landing, which took place on May 14, would be released. Last week, some preview stills of the rover’s entry capsule staring up at the parachute system were distributed.



On the surface, there are three videos. The first image shows the robot backing away, likely taken shortly after Zhurong placed the wireless camera on the ground.

The second video shows Zhurong sitting next to its landing platform, wriggling its wheels. A still from this sequence was originally released by the CNSA.


Finally, in the third film, the rover is seen rolling down the ramp from the landing platform to the surface. What’s unique about this film is that we also get sound. The locomotion system of the robot can be heard in action.

Noises on Mars don’t sound the same as they do on Earth due to the nature of the atmosphere. They appear to be a little muted.