Chicopee Teen hopes that singing makes her dreams come true

Chicopee Teen hopes that singing makes her dreams come true

CHICOPEE – A Chicopee teen uses music and singing as an outlet and it makes her dreams come true too.

Kristafina Tanner goes under Krissy Finez as her stage name and is a 13-year-old singer.

“I started singing when I was nine, after my father committed suicide,” said Tanner. “It prompted me to make music and music was my escape from everyone and all my problems.”

Since then, Tanner’s dream has been to take her passion for singing to the next level. She started to take her music career more seriously.

She wanted to audition The voice last year, but she was too young, only 12 years old. When she turned 13, she decided to give it a shot.

“So I figured why not, let’s do it The voiceTanner said.

Tanner passed the first audio round with producers before she was eliminated. She says she turned the words into a song that she didn’t realize was against the rules.

“It felt so great and if it ever comes back, I definitely will,” said Tanner. “And this time I’m going to learn from my mistakes and listen to all the rules.”

Tanner said the experience will not discourage her and she will continue to work towards her goals.

“My passion is to spread positivity to everyone,” said Tanner.

She plans to keep singing with a purpose and keep working to get better. Her mother said that Tanner has not had vocal coaching so far, but is considering moving forward.

“My advice to everyone and people like me, just insist on your dreams, do what’s necessary and don’t let anyone get in your way,” said Tanner.

She added that she plans to try it out The voice next season again. Tanner will continue to practice singing through a rap group of which she is a member in Chicopee. The group is called “Drunk Lordz” because they worship the Lord through music.

Tanner said she will practice with her group and focus on her solo career so that she can achieve her goals.