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Charli D’amelio colors blue streaks in the hair after intense nose surgery

Say hello to Charli D’amelio’s new blue ‘do! The 16-year-old TikTok sensation is known for her signature brunette locks and her amazing dance moves. But the Connecticut native has officially flavored her hairstyle by adding a bold color.

The social media star took to Instagram to share on Friday, July 31 a series of photos from her new blue stripes, which are painted on the bottom layer of her shoulder-length bob. In the accompanying caption, she smugly wrote “tea”.

In the photos, cut into what appears to be her bedroom, Morphe Cosmetics partner dons a pink tie-dye crop top, blue jeans and a scrunchie. But fans weren’t too interested in her fashion. Instead, they went wild with the cool hair change.

“We love you!!!” an excited fan commented on her Instagram post. “This hair looks great 💕💕.” Another person commented, “OMG UR HER LOOKS GREAT.”

Thanks to Charli D’Amelio / TikTok

Hollister’s new ‘Jeanalogist’ also shared footage from her hair appointment with Connecticut-based hairstylist, Greta Veshta. According to the colorist’s Instagram page, she is known for her hair art and updating Jaafar Tazi Salon.

“Thank you @gretveee for the sick new hair !!!!” Caption D’amelio the TikTok video, which documents the entire hair dyeing process. It seems that the colorist needs to bleach parts of the artist’s dark hair before dyeing the blue.

D’amelio’s hair change comes in the wake of her nose surgery in July, about which she was transparent on the video sharing platform. The star attributes her new and improved nose to that of the Beverly Hills surgeon, rhinoplasty, Dr. Kanodia.

Last April, the dancer told her followers why she had nose surgery. “Nice story so I broke my nose in August and I have had breathing problems in my right nostril ever since,” she tweeted. “I should have had surgery to fix it in November, but then I had problems with my left nostril and now I can barely breathe out of my nose.”

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