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Chance to Win $5,000 For Being Really Good At Microsoft Excel

Have you been practicing Excel macros? What is your Microsoft Office APM? If you’re the best of the best, you may have what it takes to rule the cutthroat financial modeling world. In fact, a new international exhibition match is set to begin shortly.

Microsoft has promised a live-streamed “financial modeling battle” on YouTube. On June 8, eight participants representing eight countries will put their Microsoft Excel talents to the test, hence the exhibition’s name, the 888 Battle. Competitors will have 40 minutes to address a challenge by creating a financial model in Excel and answering probing questions from the judges about the model.

Competitions for Microsoft Office are, in fact, a thing. The 888 Battle is organized by the Financial Modeling World Cup, which holds monthly events and, unlike the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship, offers an open age bracket (the MOSWC requires competitors to be 13-22 years old).

Looking at the calendar, the present season appears to have been ongoing for quite some time. Stage 1 began on January 22nd, while Stage 6 will take place between June 25th and 28th. There’s even a regional champions ranking system (the current top three are from the United States, India, and the United Kingdom) and a $5,000 grand prize for the Excel champion who wins the entire event.