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Cardi B collaboration slipped into DJ Khaled’s new album hours before its release

The ‘Wild Thoughts’ Hitmaker reveals his reaction when he learned that his ‘Wish Wish’ employee has managed to submit her fresh in time for a song called ‘Big Paper’.

AceShowbiz – Cardi B has become a “last minute” addition to DJ Khaled’s new album just hours before its release.

The ‘Wild Thoughts’ hitmaker was preparing to unveil his 13 track ‘Khaled Khaled’ project on Friday, April 30, but decided to team up with Cardi after the ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper had her verse submitted for a song called “Big Paper”.

Khaled took to Instagram to share video footage of the moment he received the news, which fell while he was in the middle of a major jewelry purchase in his backyard.

In the clip, he admits not expecting Cardi to hand the record in on time, explaining, “I sent it to her at the last minute, so I’m not expecting anything. It’s all good [sic].”

However, when his employee reveals that the verse has actually been completed and submitted, he cries out and jumps into his pool.