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Can the Seahawks still sign Jadeveon Clowney? Jamal Adams certainly hopes it

The Seahawks took a huge step in trading for Jamal Adams on Saturday, but do they have another deal in store?

Seattle has attempted to bring back pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney out of season. The Seahawks traded for Clowney last year, and he played in 13 games for the franchise. He became a free agent after the season and has still not made a decision on a new team. The Seahawks wanted to bring him back, but the move for Adams might have ended their chase.

ESPN reporter Jeremy Fowler appeared on “SportsCenter” on Sunday morning, explaining why Clowney is unlikely to happen to Seattle.

“(The Seahawks) flirted with returning Jadeveon Clowney, the free agent’s rusher, pretty much all of them out of season,” Fowler said. “But I’ve been told that this Adams deal is about to close the book about Clowney. Because they need the $ 15 million or so they would have given him to get a deal on Adams. “

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According to Spotrac, the Seahawks have just under $ 17 million in logging space. As Fowler notes, most of that money will have to go into Adam’s contract extension. And back in March, ESPN’s Dianna Russini reported Clowney was looking for a contract worth $ 20 million a year.

It’s still possible if Clowney is willing to play significantly less than he wants, and it seems like Adams hopes that’s the case. During a session on Instagram Live, Adams told Clowney that he “might as well stay” in Seattle.

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In June on the NFL Draft Insiders Podcast, Tony Pauline of Pro Football Network reported that the Seahawks are not in the desired landing sites of Clowney. Pauline said the two best teams from Clowney he was interested in were the Cowboys and Saints. But he also said that Clowney would be willing to sign a one-year contract.

“What I’ve been told by people in his camp right now is that Clowney would be just as happy to sign a one-year contract with a team that plays in the playoffs than to sign a contract signing for three years with a mid-road franchise, “said Pauline.” If he can get a decent one-year deal from a team that was in the playoffs, from a team he could help get to a higher level, I’m told he would love to do that. “

Still, Pauline said Clowney needed a “decent one-year deal.” With Seattle’s current cap structure and the desire to expand Adams, a favorable contract with Clowney is unlikely. And that’s why Fowler believes Seattle’s search for Clowney is essentially over.

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