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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare / Warzone Season 5 dated, shadow fraction detailed

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 will officially launch next week, and Infinity Ward has described the Shadow Company faction coming to both games. Shadow Company is a group of paramilitary mercenaries, who first appeared in 2009’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. You can watch a quick teaser trailer for the group below.

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Here’s one little more details about Shadow Company:

Shadow Elite, an elite PMC, operates outside the boundaries of the original truce. Forged from the fires of the battles between the Coalition and the Allegiance, Shadow Company has its own framework and agenda. Seemingly Allegiance Operators Impatient With Coalition Progress Led By Captain Price, Shadow Company Is A Splinter Group Formed Without Compromise, Ready To Take The War Directly To Mister Z And To Verdansk And Directly Address Terrorist Threats . All experts in their field with formal military experience, this trio is willing to change Verdansk’s current experience.

Operators of the Shadow Company:

  • Lerch is from Plano, Texas and is a former member of the US Marine Corps. Known on the battlefield for his enthusiasm and success in eliminating the enemy, it was better to have Lerch with you rather than against you. After USMC, civil life did not suit Lerch, so he once again went to battle in the private sector and is considered a one-man multiplier. When the Shadow Company CEO came across Lerch’s file, he was the perfect combination of skill and moral flexibility. There is no contract that Lerch does not enter into, nor challenges that he will not enter into, so he ends up in Verdansk and leads the other operators of Shadow Company.
  • Velikan is a mysterious presence. Dressed in full body armor for protection in battle and to hide his identity, little is confirmed about this Operator. A shadow of a shadow. Stories of his achievements are written off at best as fairytales and at worst with gross exaggerations. Those who know him never speak ill of him. No one knows whether it is due to fear or respect.
  • Rozlin “Pink” Helms joined the Shadow Company following the migration of the Allegiance faction Jackals. Pink previously cut ties with the armed forces and returned to support her family and sick father. In regular contact with Mace, now a PMC who left the military after leaving his post in protest of orders he deemed illegal, Pink gained access to the jackals. Now Pink lets her skills prove her worth while supporting Shadow Company while remaining at heart with Mace.

It seems like a solid new faction! Of course, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare / Warzone season 5 will bring in plenty of other new content. Rumor has it that we’re finally getting a major Warzone map update as players gain access to the previously inaccessible football stadium and grab loot from a new train that will constantly circle Verdansk. Of course, also expect a new battle pass.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone are available now for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Season 5 opens on August 5.

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