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Caddick’s husband welcomes police with a smile as officer expresses concern over her welfare

The Eastern Suburbs Command crime manager, Detective Inspector Gretchen Atkins, denied telling another officer at the end of the first week’s investigation that “the theory that Caddick jumped off a cliff was so far that it wasn’t worth bothering with.” worth considering”.

Anthony Koletti outside the inquest into the disappearance and presumed death of his wife Melissa Caddick.Credit:Nick Moir

Instead, Atkins told the inquest, “I wouldn’t be surprised if she walked into a police station.” She also wouldn’t have been surprised “if unfortunately we found her body at the bottom of the cliff,” Atkins said.

The investigation found that by the end of the first week since Caddick’s disappearance, she believed there was only a two percent chance that Caddick’s husband had harmed his wife.

Atkins said she found Koletti “disturbing” and “confusing” and that their initial investigation was hampered by Koletti’s 30-hour delay in reporting that his wife had disappeared.

When Koletti, 40, a part-time hairdresser and DJ, finally called the police on Nov. 13 to report Caddick missing, he refused to go to a police station because he was “too busy” working from home.

Atkins said it was difficult to get an accurate timeline of Koletti’s events, as he gave three different times when he last saw his wife. These versions were that he had last seen his wife at midnight, 4 a.m., or just before 6 a.m.

“There was a lot of confusion,” Atkins said.

Caddick, 49, disappeared in the early hours of November 12, 2020. Hours before her disappearance, her Dover Heights home was raided by Australian Federal Police acting on behalf of company regulator, ASIC, in relation to a $23 million Ponzi scheme that Caddick had committed. has been running since 2012. Most of its victims were family and friends.

Her right shoe, containing her partial remains, washed up on a remote beach on the south coast of NSW in February 2021, three months after she was last seen.

Forensic experts wanted to conduct an experiment using pig carcasses, some with running shoes, to be thrown into the ocean to test currents and shark activity, the study was told.

The inquest has heard that the police distrust her husband because of his evasion and inconsistent statements.

Sergeant Trent Riley, who interviewed Koletti on Nov. 13, 2020, the day he reported his wife missing, was concerned about Koletti, saying he “swept profusely” and was evasive, vague and inconsistent in his answers.

Koletti told the detective that his wife “was in a good mood the last time he saw her” and that he did not understand why she would be missing. Initially, he hadn’t told Riley that his wife was the subject of a major investigation or that their house had been robbed the day before.

Cops’ bodycam footage shows how Koletti welcomes officers to the parental home and invites them to “show up”.


An officer says to Koletti, “I’m just worried about where your wife might be,” noting that Koletti had told him a different time than Koletti had told another officer.

“I’m a little concerned … your story seems to be chopping and changing … I want you to tell me everything and I want you to tell me the truth,” the officer says.

In the video, Koletti tells police he is shocked and hasn’t eaten in three days, noting about his wife that “everything she’s done has always been legit”.

The investigation continues.

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