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Busquets and Llorente, positive,what will Spain do now

The second positive within the Spanish national team, known just three days before the opening of Euro and five debuts against fellow ‘infected’ Sweden, further complicates the development of the team of Luis Enrique for the tournament. We answer the questions of what we know so far.

Will Diego Llorente and Busquets be expected?

It is not clear. Before knowing the positive of Diego Llorente, the idea was to rush with Busquets until the last moment of the term. The captain was going to wait. With Diego Llorente, not so key in the coach’s schemes, it may be different, although for the moment everything is up in the air.

As events have been happening, adding troops in a parallel bubble, with Rubiales opening the door to new positives and the confirmation, an hour later, of Diego Llorente, news is not ruled out in any sense.

When does the term end?

On Saturday at 9:00 p.m. , 48 before the game against Sweden in La Cartuja, Spain must give UEFA its final plan and have a solution to its complicated situation.

Who can be their substitutes if they are replaced?

Deciphering what is going through Luis Enrique’s head right now is a very complicated task. The Asturian coach has to be doing many cabals, who must also play well with the times to reorganize his call since new positives are not ruled out.

In the case of Busquets, the most natural option would be the realist Zubimendi , who once again demonstrated his capabilities for the position against Lithuania, as he already did in the U21 European Championship. It is already in the bubble . The other so-called media, Carlos Soler, Fornals and Brais do not have as positional a profile as that of Busquets or Zubimendi.

For Diego Llorente the most natural thing would be to replace him with Raúl Albiol , but if Luis Enrique’s initial list was caught in any position, it was the right-back, where the coach did not have any natural player in the position. Marcos and Diego Llorente, in addition to Azpilicueta , were the profiles, but the probable departure of the Leeds player after his last positive opens the doubt, since Albiol would not cover that versatility of central and lateral.

Who is in the parallel bubble?

The first five summoned ( Brais Méndez, Pablo Fornals, Carlos Soler, Rodrigo Moreno and Raúl Albiol ) was joined by a goalkeeper ( Kepa . This Wednesday the 11 sub21s were known who also stayed for any setback.

What if there is another or other positives?

In Spain, according to the protocol, one more positive would mean the existence of an outbreak within the group of the national team, which would endanger the trip to Seville to play the debut against Sweden on Monday. In turn, the Swedes add two positives, although they have already announced that they will not look for spare parts and will wait for their recovery .

The members of the national team continue to be tested daily, the results of which will be known at night. It was rumored that some player had given false positive but the Federation assures that the results of that doubtful case, for the moment, have been negative.

Can the Spain-Sweden be suspended?

Not at the beginning. With 13 players, if there is also a goalkeeper among them, UEFA allows a game to be played. Only an uncontrolled outbreak would make travel difficult. Sweden travels to Seville next Saturday. Being the first game for both teams, they would also have the possibility of replacing the infected players by others, so they could complete the minimum call without problems.

Are you going to vaccinate the national team players?

The Commission of Public Health experts decided not to get wet about the possibility of vaccinating the members of the selection and left the ballot to the Interterritorial Health Council, which meets this Wednesday. “I hope we know something for sure, but the decision is in the hands of Health,” said the Secretary of State for Sports, José Manuel Franco last night in El Partidazo of COPE and Radio MARCA.