Bus accident in Polish capital kills 1, injures about 20 others

Bus accident in Polish capital kills 1, injures about 20 others

WARSAW, Poland (AP) – A city bus in Warsaw crashed through a barrier on a freeway overpass on Thursday and fell on a concrete embankment below, killing at least one person and injuring about 20 others, authorities said.

Five of those injured were hospitalized in a serious condition, said Health Minister Lukasz Szumowski.

Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski, a candidate for a weekend in the presidential election, suspended his campaign outside the capital and made his way to the crash site.

The articulated bus seemed to split in two, with the front section resting on its side on the dike after it hit the barrier and plunged several feet lower. The back of the bus dangled on top of the railings with a gaping crack in the center section.

Trzaskowski said investigators believe the bus driver lost control after suddenly becoming weak, but warned that the investigation was still ongoing. He said the driver was young and the bus was one year old.

The driver was hospitalized, but was not serious, police said.

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