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Brooks Laich says sex has been “prioritized” in previous romances

Declared guilty. Brooks Laich admitted that he has not always prioritized sex in his previous relationships.

During a new episode of him Podcast ‘How Men Think’, the 37-year-old retired athlete had a conversation with country singer Tyler Rich about the longest acceptable period of time to abstain from sexual intimacy with a partner.

“I think sexuality is going to be on the priority list, on the human totem pole,” he explained on the episode released Monday, July 27. “They are, like, [focusing on] work, children, work, whatever. I have to clean the house, get the groceries. (…) It’s something that people – at least in my experience – have pushed me down versus kept it on top, almost like living, eating, breathing. ‘

Laich continued, “I think at some point you just have to realize,” Okay, our connection is kind of broken. Let’s deliberately go back to this space and even if we don’t feel it, let’s create – even if it’s not naturally attractive, like, ‘Oh my god we’re all about each other – let’s create an atmosphere or environment or something that we take the time to consciously work on and that can also generate the natural appeal. “”

Brooks Laich. John Photography / Shutterstock

The native of Canada said that “ a month ” is probably the longest acceptable period of time to go without sex while with a partner.

Laich’s comments come almost two months after he announced his split Julianne Hough. He was married to the Dancing with the stars pro, 32, almost three years old, but they confirmed in May that they had chosen “lovingly and carefully” to part ways.

Over the course of their marriage, Laich had talked a lot about their sex life. The former NHL player admitted on his podcast last July that he will get ‘f-king fired up’ if he does the Footloose actress in lingerie.

Laich told it earlier Us weekly exclusively that he has learned ‘so much’ about Hough’s intimacy. When she asked me, “What is intimacy to you?” “I believe sex came first and intimacy came first,” he recalled U.S in June 2019. “And then I asked her about it and her response about what intimacy, real intimacy is, and how it relates to sex absolutely blew me away.”

Months before their split, Laich admitted she had a low sex drive while the estranged couple quarantined, saying, “I’m not around my wife. I’m not in the same room with her and with what I’m doing here, my sex drive wouldn’t be at its peak. ‘

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