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Brett Favre believes in the future of CBD in the NFL, works with Green Eagle

Brett Favre can still remember what it felt like when Reggie White fired him before they were teammates in Green Bay.

“Reggie fired me, and I knew I took my shoulder apart,” Favre told Sporting News.

The former Packers quarterback also remembers the repeated injections that followed during the game and after that game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Milwaukee County Stadium on November 15, 1992. That was just the seventh of Favre’s 297 consecutive starts during a 20-year Hall of Fame career. Now the NFL’s ultimate Ironman wonders if a product that would spark more NFL conversations would have helped during its prime.

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“When the injection expired, I was in great pain,” said Favre. Would the CBD products have helped? I don’t know how much, but it could have been the circumstances. You take what’s available at the time. ”

CBD – or cannabidiol – is one of the ingredients in marijuana, and CBD products are sold as an alternative to pain medications. On Wednesday, Favre announced a partnership with Green Eagle, a company that produces CBD products ranging from cream and roll-ons to sprays and liquid capsules. The products are 100 percent THC-free. That’s the other main ingredient in marijuana.

Favre, 50, is one of the former NFL players who now endorses CBD products as an alternative source of pain relief – and that has been a learning process for the Hall of Fame quarterback. For as many notes as Favre has done in the past, this one was unexpected.

“Not that my opinion is prevalent in America, but if you’re like me, you can’t help but go somewhere or see something CBD-related,” Favre said. “My thought had been,” That’s probably a bunch of weed smokers. ‘ That is not the case.”

Favre learned more about CBD during a conversation with Joseph Smadja, CEO of Green Eagle, and he used the products to prepare for a half marathon with his wife and daughter last December. He was surprised by the results.

“It’s way ahead of the market here,” said Favre. “It’s mainstream in several facets. That helped with credibility. There’s no THC, that’s the drug people put in brownies or whatever. I’m in favor of a non-addictive pain reliever – it was what I thought it fitted well.

“At some point, it will be easily available in mainstream sports,” Favre said. ‘How fast? That’s hard to say. ”

Favre is not the first NFL player to enter the CBD space. Tampa Bay’s tight end Rob Gronkowski endorsed CBD products during his short retirement. The NFL also relaxed some of its marijuana-related policies as part of the latest collective bargaining agreement. That could pave the way for CBD products in the future.

Favre, who had to do pain reliever and alcohol additives believes that throughout his career, CBD will be a safer alternative that will gain in popularity in the coming years.

“I’ve never smoked marijuana before,” said Favre. ‘It’s not my thing. I was addicted to painkillers, which was bad enough, and I think this is a welcome relief and alternative to painkillers. ”

Green eagle emerged in 2020 as one of those companies entering the CBD market. For Favre, the substance’s benefits helped him in his post-retirement career. He believes that active players can enjoy the same benefits.

“The NFL and sports in general should look to it for general things,” he said. “If you rupture an ACL, see a doctor and have it repaired. For aches, tendonitis, things like that? Absolutely, it works. It is well. It benefits everyone. ”

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