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Brave gets rid of Google and starts using Brave Search as the default search engine in your browser

The Brave browser bet has always been very aimed at protecting our privacy, and now they have taken an important step in that challenge: they have removed Google Search as the default search engine of their browser.

Instead they will use your own search engine, Brave Search. This engine has been running for months and they already integrated it, for example, in the beta version of Brave for Android, but now it will be used extensively and by default both on the desktop and in the mobile versions for Android and iOS.

Goodbye, Google

Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave, explained that since it was launched in June, the search engine already registers about 80 million searches per month. In addition, it added “Brave Search has reached the necessary quality and critical mass to become our default choice for searches, and to offer users a transparent and private online experience by default. “

Brave Search

This search engine makes use of independent indexing and according to Brave does not monitor users, your searches or your clicks. Brave announced the so-called Web Discovery Project (WDP), which will allow users who wish to do so to contribute to improving the results of Brave Search.

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It will basically collect aggregate search data, but ensuring privacy and anonymity, and Brave insist that this is an optional feature and that in no case allows you to create profiles that then enable advertisers to contract targeted advertising. The project code is actually available on GitHub.

In the new versions of Brave for desktop computers (Windows, macOS, Linux) and mobile devices (Android and iOS), the default search engine is no longer Google’s in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Brave Search too will replace Qwant in France and DuckDuckGo in Germany, and the company says that in the coming months there will be other local markets where they will end up offering their default search engine. It is still possible for users to choose another search engine, of course.

At the moment no advertising is shown in the search engine, but the free version of the service will end up having ads. Besides that version, in Brave they are preparing a Premium version without advertising that will come “in the near future”.

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