Bradenton Christian Williams: No. 1 in School, No. 1 in the State

Bradenton Christian Williams: No. 1 in School, No. 1 in the State

BRADENTON, Fla. – Growing up on basketball courts and baseball diamonds, Aidan Williams learned the importance of statistics.

What you need to know

  • Williams is saying goodbye to Bradenton Christian
  • The two-sports athlete was recently crowned the male scholar athlete of the year, Florida Dairy Farmer’s
  • Williams goes to Samford University

Whether it’s score averages or batting averages, statistics tell a lot about an athlete. This also applies to rankings. Aidan managed to reach number 1 position – as Bradenton Christian’s best graduating senior.

“It was never a goal. It just came with the hard work, ”said Williams.

Aidan’s hard work inside and outside the classroom earned him more than farewell rights for farewell rights. This dual-sport senior achieved another No. 1 ranking – the No. 1 learned athlete in the sunny state. Williams was recently crowned the Male Scholar Athlete of the Year in the Florida Dairy Farmer.

“I can’t take full credit,” he said. “My teachers and coaches pushed me. They are the greatest mentors and my parents really pushed me to do well on the field and off the field and it has made me who I am now. “

Such a prize provides a lot of recognition and validation for the many hours of practice and hours of study.

“It does validate it, but there’s no way I can take credit for it,” said Williams. “It’s just a super humble experience.”

Aidan doesn’t do it for recognition. He does it out of love for sports and love for learning.

“I’m definitely a competitive person, but I definitely think it’s getting more on the field, especially in basketball, one-on-one, it’s getting really hot in practice, but it’s all fun,” he said.

Aidan’s competitive nature can be traced back to the birth, which he shared with his twin brother. Twins who technically came in first.

“Two minutes ahead of me,” said Williams. “He rubs it in my face all the time. But it is what it is.

Family means everything to Aidan, and that family includes a younger brother who joined the Williams clan through a foster care program where Aidan volunteers his time.

“It’s super humble to see what these kids are going through,” said Williams. “It just gives a good perspective on life.”

As a member of the 2020 Class, Aidan and his fellow seniors got a good perspective on adversity thanks to the Corona virus. With his renewed perspective, Aidan has some advice for his underclasses.

“Take it only one season at a time,” he said. “And don’t take anything for granted and just cherish these memories, because you’ll never have anything like it again.”