Borgata reopens July 6; invitees can come July 2

Borgata reopens July 6; invitees can come July 2

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) – Atlantic City’s best casino won’t open its doors until July 6, four days after most of its competition.

The Borgata tells The Associated Press that it will host an invitation-only trial that begins on July 2 – the first day casinos in Atlantic City can reopen.

But the general public will have to wait until 10am on July 6 to enter.

The Borgata benefits from a state-authorized period of “friends and family” announced Monday by Governor Phil Murphy. The Democratic Governor set July 2 as the first date for Atlantic City’s nine casinos to reopen, but also gave them the opportunity to do what is known in the industry as a “soft opening” by having invitation-only days on which the casino can assess the new procedures and how well they work in the new environment.

Murphy plans to release detailed health and safety regulations for the casinos this week, but he has already said that anyone entering a casino – both visitors and employees – should wear a mask.

“When we reopen our doors, we do so with enthusiasm to welcome our employees and guests back, and with an unwavering commitment to their health and safety,” said Melonie Johnson, the new president of Borgata.

The casino said that not all of its facilities will open immediately. It plans to phase out some of them in the coming weeks as it shows how business levels and customer compliance with health and safety regulations are developing.


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