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Bitcoin miners, in search of cheap, CO2-free energy, are allying with nuclear power plants

As we have seen on multiple occasions, cryptocurrency mining consumes a huge amount of energy. An excessive consumption of resources that is not seen with good eyes, especially when the energy does not come from renewable energies. Now, miners of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a idea to get your energy cheap and CO2-free: partnering with nuclear power plants.

The nuclear energy, with its pluses and minuses, is a CO2-free energy and many experts see it as essential to achieve emission reduction targets. However, in many places it is not seen with good eyes, in Spain for example as in Germany, it is not included in the aid for green energy.

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What is a reality is that it is a cheap energy and free of CO2 emissions. Therefore, it meets two of the current goals of cryptocurrency miners, who seek to appease criticism towards the large amount of energy they consume and how much they pollute. Hence, according to the Wall Street Journal, some miners are reaching agreements with nuclear power plants.

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It is happening at the moment in the United States. An example WSJ shows is that of the Talen Energy Corp nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania, which has teamed up with cryptocurrency mining company TerraWulf. The latter will build its mining center next to the nuclear power plant to receive emission-free energy for mining. The mayor of Miami in Florida is also looking to boost these partnerships to attract the cryptocurrency industry to the state of Florida.

The “radioactive bitcoin” as bitcoin of the future

Nuclear energy, as far-fetched as it may seem, may be the solution for cryptocurrency mining. And it is that more and more countries are taking measures against cryptocurrency mining precisely because of the large amount of energy they consume. Of the most notorious cases are the prohibitions of China or those of Iran, where energy is subsidized by the state and has been a paradise for miners.

Are criticism of Bitcoin consumption they have also affected the company. Tesla for example made a spectacular investment in Bitcoin, only with that it has already polluted more than with all its vehicles since its foundation. Following the criticism, they announced that they would pause Bitcoin operations until they found a more sustainable way to operate with it.

Other alternatives to nuclear-powered bitcoin They are, for example, the idea of ​​El Salvador to use geothermal energy. There are natural gas plants that take advantage of the excess energy they generate to mine up to 5.5 bitcoins a day.

Via | WSJ
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