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Billy Hamilton’s love for ‘Criminal Minds’ complicated his arrival from Mets

Billy Hamilton joined the Mets in DC on Tuesday, despite his flight from New York being canceled.

The Mets had just signed Hamilton and were unaware of the speedster’s aversion to trains and asked him to take a track down to meet them. Instead, the outfielder opted for a car ride.

Hamilton doesn’t like to ride the train because the show ‘Criminal Minds’ has portrayed the transportation method as dangerous.

“I said I watch Criminal Minds too much for the train,” Hamilton told reporters.

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There’s a hostage taking on a train in a 2005 episode of ‘Criminal Minds’ called ‘Derailed’ – although it’s unclear if that was the specific reason Hamilton paused at the thought of taking a train into the middle of the Atlantic to drive.

Hamilton, who is mainly used as a pinch-runner at this stage, did not feature in the 5-3 defeat of the Mets against the Nationals.

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