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Beverley Mitchell’s daughter was in ER after heartbeat ‘Spike’, fever

So scary. Beverley Mitchell felt “powerless” when her newborn daughter, Mayzel, had to be taken to the emergency room.

“Last week I had a rattle,” the 7th heaven alum, 39, caption on Thursday, July 30, Instagram photo of her hospital baby girl hooked up to tubes. “@Littlemissmayzie had a spike in her heartbeat on her @ owletcare monitor at night, and the next day she was out, not wanting to eat, very sleepy, barely awake and her eyes wouldn’t focus and completely covered with glass. Add then a little fever and I was a mess. “

The actress was “concerned” about going to the emergency room during the coronavirus pandemic, but after “a few phone calls with” [her] angel friends. ‘

Beverley Mitchell and daughter Mayzel. Courtesy of Beverley Mitchell / Instagram

Mitchell further wrote: “We have an EKG and all the blood work and everything came back well. I don’t regret going to the ER, I was thankful she got a clean health certificate and frankly gave me the chance to breathe. Paralyzing that helplessness and fear and being unable to figure out what was wrong left me feeling helpless. It’s hard for myself to trust others, I’m not asking for help, I’m just treating it, but this experience humbled me. It reminded me that I have a tribe, people who are willing to help, that I am not alone! ‘

The California native thanked her husband, Michael Cameronbecause she was her “rock” during the hard time, she stumbled, “You hold me together and I couldn’t do this life without you! I love you baby, you’re the best dad ever!”

Former bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky has reacted:Oh, my god, I can’t imagine going through that. I’m so glad she’s okay, ‘while a journalist Lisa Ling wrote, “Oh that little sweet baby. I’m so glad you were well taken care of in these times. Sending your love.”

Us weekly On July 19, news broke that Mitchell’s third child had arrived, along with sister Kenzie (7) and brother Hutton (5). “They hasn’t stopped attacking her and just giving her the most loveSaid the singer ‘Angel’ exclusively U.S at that moment. ‘It is quite special. It’s pretty cool. ‘

She added that Cameron came up with Mayzel’s name ‘months and months and months ago’, explaining, ‘As soon as he said it, I was quite attached to it. … When we met her, it was very clear that she was our little Miss Mayzel. She is our Mayzie baby. It is quite appropriate. ‘

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