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Best Tips to Shift your Car from Delhi to Bangalore

Are you busy planning your relocation? Have you hired the services of packers and movers to pack and shift your belongings? But, it would not be that easy especially, when your relocation is for a long distance. You might be heaving a sigh of relief thinking that your work is done? Not quite! What about the vehicles you have been using here and would want to retain till you make a move? Yeah! You can always drive down in the vehicle if you are moving to a place near you. However, driving down from Delhi to Bangalore is unimaginable and an option that majority would avoid. The best option is to plan for shifting your car from Delhi to Bangalore. Luckily, you have vehicle shifting services offered by reputed service providers.


Why should you choose vehicle transport service providers?

While you might enjoy driving, it will not be quite appealing when you are in the driver’s seat to Transport your car from Delhi to Bangalore. It is because of the distance that has to be covered. For instance, the distance between Delhi and Bangalore is 200 kilometers. The road conditions and weather might not be conducive for driving too. Also, there are chances for vehicle breakdown. Therefore, it is better to leave the job to reputed service providers who can carry out car bike relocation. They will help you shift the vehicle to your new location in a hassle-free manner. This is because they understand how important the vehicle’s safety means to you.


Tips to bear in mind

The vehicle shifting services are the best way to transport your vehicle when you are relocating. However, not all service providers are the same. Therefore, you have to choose the right one. But, what are the facts you should consider when you are choosing Car Transportation Services? The tips include


Appointing top vehicle transport company– Hiring the best car transporters in Delhi is the first step in ensuring that the car/bike shifting would be hassle-free. Also, be aware that you have transporters who specialize in bike shifting or car shifting as well. Choose the services of a transporter depending on your requirements. That is, they will have vehicle carriers that are ideal for transporting them without damaging them.


Get your vehicle ready for the moving process- It is indeed your responsibility to prepare your car or bike for the relocation. Basically, it refers to cleaning up the vehicle. This would ensure that the scratches and dents on the vehicle can be noted. You can then notice the new damages during the transportation process.

Remove the accessories and clean the interiors– Car transportation service providers will request you to remove the accessories in your vehicle. It is for security reasons. Also, they will be able to fill the empty spaces in the right manner. Further, it will help prevent damages.


Ask for quotes and the mode of payment– It is always better to compare different Car Transportation services in India. This will help you choose a cost-effective service provider. Also, it would be helpful to assess if it is affordable for you as well. Ensure that the cost quoted includes the packing and moving costs. Also, learning about the rates will help you negotiate with the car carriers. The bike transport from Delhi to Bangalore is approximately 4,000 to 10,000. The car transport from Delhi-Bangalore is about Rs.8000-Rs.14,000


Ensure that your vehicle insurance is up-to-date– Hand over your vehicle to the transportation company with up-to-date insurance. This will help you avoid if the vehicle gets damaged during transit. Also, some service providers have additional insurance facilities.


Thorough check the vehicle– When you are preparing for bike shifting or car shifting, you should check the vehicle for leaks. This is because vehicles with leaks can be subject to cancellation of transportation.


Other important aspects– The other important aspects that you should note are tyre pressure and fuel level. etc. It is better to have an empty tank. But, you might have to drive the vehicle to your residence from the transport company in Bangalore. Therefore, it would be better to have a quarter tank of fuel. This will make the car shifting services in India process safe and effective. An over or under-inflated tyre would be susceptible to damage. Therefore, ensure that the tyres are properly inflated when it is handed over to the car transportation service.


Last but not least, it is better to plan and fix the car carriers well in advance. This is because the costs are likely to be high when the demand is more. Likewise, last-minute moves can be more expensive than well-planned shifting services. Nevertheless, hiring the best car transporter in Delhi. This will help you be assured that you can receive the car in good condition in Bangalore.