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Best software deals : Windows 10 from $ 8.8 and Microsoft Office 2016 for $ 23.99!

The wonderful people there Keysoff have an amazing Back to School promotion that allows you to buy fantastic software at amazing prices! With education-focused sales, you can get a whopping 57% off Microsoft Office software and a grinning 42% off Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

If that sounds like you, it’s probably a good thing we have deals on both now. You can save up to 57% if you forget to enter a special discount code during checkout.

But in the spirit of making the back to school process happy for everyone involved, Keysoff takes the already low prices and throws in some extra discounts using a whole host of discount codes. Let’s see what you can get:

As mentioned earlier, you can get a 57% discount on Microsoft Office software. This will take your productivity levels to the next level. Do you expect to make lots of spreadsheets next semester? Well this is what you need:

Extra 42% discount for Windows 10 with coupon code: SkK42.

Extra 57% discount for Office 2016 series with coupon code: SkK57

Extra 55% discount for other MS Office series with coupon code: SkK55

Not only will you get amazing savings on amazing software, but you will also benefit from a quick and easy paperchase process and top-notch after-sales care in the unlikely event you have any issues with the purchase.

100% trusted and safe. Need help? Have any questions?

Keysoff is always pushing new promotions with lots of surprises and low prices – so go ahead and bookmark their page to stay tuned! Plus, the online store is open 24/7 year round – so if you want to upgrade your computer software during the holidays, you should definitely grab one of their promotions!

If you run into any issues or just want to ask a few questions, their customer service team is ready to help you with words and deeds! For each type of contact, send an email to the following address: service@keysoff.com.

All of these promotions and special discounts presented above are limited in time and only valid while supplies last – so don’t wait too long! However, if you have to wait and the promotions are over, Keysoff already offers up to 90% off the original retail prices – you can’t go wrong. Check it out and grab them today!

Ethics Disclaimer: This is a paid, sponsored post. We do not collect any commission on the sale. Affiliate codes to track sales can be included by the supplier.

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