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10 Best Logo Makers & Why They Suck

here are a list of 10 most used logo maker with their features if you want to give a try

When it comes to brand recognition, it mostly counts on the logo. You can find a logo everywhere — from a TV to phone, newspaper, chip’s packet, etc. That precisely clarifies why you need this tiny brandmark to represent your company.

There are several ways to get it designed. The most popular ones are to hire a design agency, to work with a freelancer on a one-to-one basis, to launch a contest, or use a logo maker.

Working with a design agency, launching a contest, and hiring a freelancer — all of these methods are typically a tad expensive, and small businesses, or if you are starting a new business and want to avoid extra expense due to running on a shoestring budget. If you are looking for a personal touch professional logo you should hire an expert logo designer but If you think hiring a designer is not your choice then you can use an inexpensive alternative — a logo maker.

A free logo maker lets you create a logo in minutes, but it lacks the precisions and thoughtfulness that professional designers infuse. But for those who can’t afford or don’t need to get a logo designed professionally, here is a list of the ten logo makers that they use to create their brand identity.

Experts never suggests to use a logo maker tools, but here are a list of 10 most used logo maker with their features if you want to give a try-

1.Designhill Logo Maker


Designhill offers an AI-powered logo maker. This DIY tool is easier to use for all levels of designers. Even non-designers can handle this logo generator with ease. You can start by entering your company’s name and choosing from pre-designed templates of logos. Select the logo styles you like the most, and then pick colors, fonts, and icons relevant to your business.

Once the preferences have been set, clicking on the “Generate logos” button delivers hundreds of logos in a few seconds.

The user-friendly interface allows easy logo making and editing. Even if you have created a logo, you can edit its style, font, or color before downloading it.

You can download a standard version of the logo for $99.

2.Shopify Logo Maker

Shopify logo creator generates logos instantly. When you are delighted with your logo, make the payment and own it! With this DIY logo maker, you get so many fonts, icons, and frames to choose from.

Start by putting your business name. Choose the icon and the font you want. Adjust the icon size, colors, typeface, and add frames as per your preferences.

Here is how it works – Start by entering your Shopify store name. Choose varieties of fonts, colors, and layouts that appeal to you. Once you have decided everything, customize the elements like colors, layouts, and fonts to give it a final look.

3.Canva Logo Maker


Canva logo maker, regardless of your design experience, lets you create your unique visual brandmark. It has a library of professionally designed templates that you can use to your advantage. Pick a style based on your likes and change the name. The logo creator also lets you upload your graphics or choose from Canva’s free elements. Fix the images, add filters, and your logo will be ready in no time!

4.Wix Logo Maker


Those looking for a centralized platform for design and web development should check out the Wix logo maker.

Its DIY logo generator is super simple to use. You have to complete three steps to get the possible logo design options. The editor comes with various elements to modify your logo and see how it would look on a website with a visualization tool.

You can pay a nominal charge to save the high-resolution logo file, which comes with full commercial usage rights.  It’s easy to work on the Wix logo generator. Choose the colors and styles as per your likes, and Wix will suggest you some cool logos based on your choices.

Tweak the logo that you like the most or repeat the same process to get some more options.

5.Squarespace Logo Maker

Squarespace logo maker may not seem like other logo generators, but it does its work swiftly. It takes just a few minutes to have a logo of your choice and instantly see its effect on a business card, t-shirt, and website.

All you need to do is to choose the typeface, symbol, and color you want. The simplicity of this tool makes it really easy to use. Once you are done with the logo, save it and start using it immediately.

6.Zyro Logo Maker


With Zaro’s logo creator, you can turn your creative ideas into a real logo. It just takes a minute to create a brandmark for your company. And, you don’t need any designer for it. The best thing is that it’s free to use Zyro logo maker and download the logo you create.

There is also a dedicated editing tool that lets you modify the elements of your newly designed logo. Use color, icon, and typeface relevant to your brand to stand out.

7.TailorBrands Logo Maker


TailorBrands is yet another AI-powered logo creator. It’s dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs worldwide to stay at the forefront of their branding game. You can harness the power of their free tools to create varieties of branding assets.

Its logo maker is easy to use and comes with a simple interface. It asks you to start by entering your business name. Select your business type to move further. Choose your logo style out of three options — Icon Based, Name Based, and Initial Based. Search for shapes or icons. Select three typeface styles, and click on next.

The logo maker will bring you hundreds of designs in just a few seconds.

8.NameCheap Logo Maker


This quick all-in-one logo maker, NameCheap logo generator, has been created considering the needs of entrepreneurs.

It helps you find the right fonts, colors, and icons for your logo, either for personal or professional use. Access their library of logo templates using their unique design wizard, and the DIY tool will do the rest. It will narrow down hundreds of logo design options for you to choose from.

9.Fiverr Logo Maker


When you need a logo for your brand, Fiverr makes it super easy to get. Its DIY logo generator lets you create a logo in just a few clicks.

Start by entering the name of your brand. Select the desired styles to define the look and feel of your logo. And the rest will be done by the logo generator tool. It’s easy-peasy and lets you add a personal touch to your logo by changing the fonts, layouts, and colors.

10.Adobe Spark Logo Maker


Adobe Spark logo creator gets you hooked up with hundreds of professional-designed templates. You no longer need to start from scratch. Search a template based on moods, aesthetics, colors, or tasks. You will have a myriad of choices at your fingertips.

Now, select a graphic and click it to open in the editor for further customization if required.

Why logo maker tools suck?

There are specific pros and cons associated with every logo maker we discussed earlier. If you’re tight on budget, no doubt, these tools help you a lot. But they have limitations that make them suck at their functionalities.

Let’s see why logo makers suck—

Lack of original concepts: When you use a logo generator, it tends to fetch you hundreds of options. However, it still comes with design, originality, and concept limitations which are a disadvantage. A real designer, on the other hand, goes beyond the inspiration and creates an authentic logo.

No assurance of uniqueness: There is always a possibility that some other brands might be using the same logo that you pick for your brand. That would be really damaging for your branding activities.

Not so professional look:Often, online tools end up creating the same logos over and over again. This way, they lack the professional touch required for branding.

Copyright issues:  With online tools like logo makers, there is a high probability that you may end up with copyright issues. Who knows if your competitor may create the same logo as yours? They register under their trademark and sue you later? It will cost you both time and money.

Lack of personalization: When a designer creates a logo, they put their original concepts into it. They are aware of the psychology that goes into logo design. They give your logo a personal touch based on your target market and audience. But a logo maker doesn’t do that.



Considering the issues with a logo design, generated by a logo maker! It is suggested to get a professionally designed logo! You can get a custom logo design using the Designhill logo design contest!