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Best iPhone XR Case: A Guide to Protect Your Phone

Back then iPhone XR Its defining feature, launched in 2018, was that it was a “cheap” iPhone, despite its still quite high price. Since then, it has proven to be the most popular of Apple’s current phones for sale. This is likely due to the attractive array of color options and price cuts offered after the iPhone 11 series launch.

However, like other large mobile phones, the XR is a slick beast and its aircraft-grade aluminum construction is capable of reaching terminal speeds on its way to the floor after a sudden skid.

You’ll probably want to cuddle up with your expensive purchase in the case, and thankfully there is a myriad of options available. There’s something for everyone, including slim, 12-foot drop protection, credit card slots, and pop sockets. Read the top picks for the best iPhone XR cases.

These are products our test lab didn’t have, but based on expert opinion and knowledge of the most reputable brands out there, I think they’re worth checking out.

Our selection, ranked with new additions at the top, will help you pick through a maze of available choices, taking into account online reviews, brand reputation, product features, or unique features.

1. Mous Limitless 2.0 iPhone XR Case
Reason to buy:
+Quiet design+Stylish looks

Reasons to Avoid
—Not cheap—Not particularly colorful

Many cases are just plastic cases, but some take it a step further to give a positive first impression. Use the MousLimitless2.0 iPhone XR case. This is a robust option and offers a wide variety of rear panel styles. These range from “real shells” to leather, but we especially like bamboo.

With plenty of air cushioning technologies to protect against impact, this is a sturdy and functional case available from Amazon in both the United States and the United Kingdom at a very reasonable price.

2. OtterBox Defender for iPhone XR

Reason to buy:
+Incredibly strong+Includes holster

Reasons to Avoid

OtterBox is an experienced case maker and is known for its protective design. Of the various series, the Defender series is the last word of robustness. So if this is your top priority, look no further.

With a complex mounting system, the end result feels like it could withstand a blast from a weapon-grade explosive, which should definitely protect your iPhone from everyday life.

But this protection is not cheap and there are no aesthetic compromises. This is a premium option that also combines the elegance of bricks. It makes your chunky phone quite heavy, but for many, it’s a price worth paying for peace of mind. You can get it directly from OtterBox.

3. Speck CandyShell iPhone XR Case

Reason to buy:
+Cute looks+lightweight

Reasons to Avoid
—Not as hard as some

The more you have, the better. This is certainly true when it comes to price, and the huge chunk in the case may not be the best choice, whether it’s a night out or non-skinny jeans pockets already wrestle naked on the iPhone XR. ..

Enter the SpeckCandyShell case. It’s made of thin, light yet durable polycarbonate and comes in a variety of colors whether it fits your iPhone or not.

All of this is a relatively modest expense, so Speck CandyShell is a powerful option for anyone who isn’t too keen on flash but is still looking for something unique. It is available from Amazon in the United States and the United Kingdom.

4. Olixar ArmaRing iPhone XR Case

Reason to buy:
+Add PopSocket style+Kickstand

Reasons to Avoid
—A bit bulky

Phones generally get bigger year after year, but it’s no secret that the human hand isn’t. Over time, it gets harder and harder to hold on to the surfboard-sized monsters we love every day.

If this is a regular problem for you, Olixar has your number. The ArmaRing comes with a full range of protection, usually provided by a case, with a built-in device like the “PopSocket” on the back.

Not only does this act as an instant kickstand but also allows you to wrap your index finger around the back of the device to act as an anchor to prevent slips and falls. Available directly from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

5. Apple iPhone XR Clear Case

Reason to buy:
+Official product+Clear design

Reasons to Avoid
—Expensive—Probably too simple

If you really need a first-party case, here it is. The only Apple-branded case for the iPhone XR on the company’s site (that is, except for the expensive battery case) does what this clear case says on the can. Protect your phone without hiding its sweet look.

At twice the price of many on this list, this is one of the most expensive cases on this list. You pay for the brand, baby! But if that’s important to you, get the official iPhone XR case from Apple here.

6. Speck Presidio case for iPhone XR

Reason to buy:
+Good grip+Unique looks

Reasons to Avoid
—A bit bulky

Speck’s Presidio line has a simple design with added features, perfect for when you don’t have to mess around with the case.

We especially like Presidio Grip for getting a little more grip on your phone, but there are also folio and wallet cases if you want a little extra for a slightly higher price.

The Speck Presidio line is available on Speck’s website and the cases start at $40 (£30 / AU$55).

7. OtterBox Symmetry iPhone XR Case

Reason to buy:
+Colorful design+fall prevention

Reasons to Avoid
—Not the heaviest

OtterBox is the only company that Apple advertises on its site instead of listing its cases. This is recommended by many. The brand is known for protecting mobile phones from drops and scratches.

The Symmetry line features a variety of design styles, from artistic patterns to pop culture specials. Our favorite is the Star Wars case, but there are also some Disney and nature-themed cases. All OtterBox Symmetry Series iPhone XR cases can be found here starting at $40 (about £30, A$55).

We especially mention the stylish, almost transparent case with a leather strip on the bottom, which is not in the OtterBox catalog. It is only sold on Apple’s site.

8. Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone XR Case
Reason to buy:
+ It’s cheap + Clear design

Reasons to Avoid
—Not the best protection

Starting at a fairly low price point, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid is arguably the cheapest case on our list. According to reviews, people are happy with this baseline case.

Spigen cases come in bright colors, contours, or solid shades, so you have the option. The case folds over the end of the phone so you don’t have to worry about a lack of coverage.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid is available in both clear and color types on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

9. Wilken iPhone XR Leather Wallet
Reason to buy:
+Wallet design+Also as standard

Reasons to Avoid

Wilken has a cowhide leather case for the iPhone XR, which looks quite handsome with nice stitching and a clip to keep it closed. It comes in a typical leather color: light
Tan, spiced brown, solid red, black, red stitching.

The case opens in a folio-style and reveals four pockets. One has a see-through window for IDs. You can also fold it up and leave it straight while watching the media.

The Wilken iPhone XR Leather Wallet is available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

10. Greenwich Folio Collection for iPhone XR
Reason to buy:
+Beautiful design+Including dashboard mount

Reasons to Avoid

If you’re looking for a high-end case, look no further. Greenwich, a British luxury accessories brand, has its own iPhone XR case line.

The line is offered in multiple colors of traditional leather and suede-like Alcantara material. The inner sleeve of these folio cases is lined with carbon fiber to absorb shock and protect the screen along the edges of the bronze. There’s even a hidden magnetic plate to attach to your car’s dashboard.

The basic leather folio case starts at $129 (£98, A$178) on the Greenwich website, but other models have more features (including card slots) at a higher price. there is.

11. Case-Mate iPhone XR Case
Reason to buy:
+Interesting design+Reasonable price

Reasons to Avoid
—Limited Protection

If you want to make your iPhone XR even more attractive, check out Case-Mate’s selection of flashy cases. From glittering gold to petals, there are many options to sparkle. You are a crazy diamond.

Case-Mate’s more basic options start at $35 (£26, AU$48) and you can browse them all on the brand’s website.

12. OtterBox Figura Series Enclosure
Reason to buy:
+Super slim+Robust design

Reasons to Avoid
—Limited color options

The cases from the OtterBox Figura series look beautiful and feel great. Rather than sticking to a plain plastic background, it has a striking yet lofty look that is far from flashy. The raised protective bumper keeps the screen out of the way. The soft-touch feeling ensures that the grip is firm and at the same time feels good.

The ultra-thin profile also means you don’t have to worry about wearing stones.

13. Unbreakable iPhone XR Case
Reason to buy:
+Smart design+Raised edge

Reasons to Avoid
—Not very sturdy

The Unbreak cable iPhone XR case is designed for everyday use and has many more features. Uses high-quality TPU material to reduce impact when dropped and raise the front to protect the screen when placed face down. The frame is also 1mm higher than the camera lens, so it’s covered too.

Anti-fingerprint coatings elsewhere make it easy to clean and fit in your hand. It looks quite stylish.

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Best iPhone XR Case: A Guide to Protect Your Phone