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Best Buy will reserve products like the PS5 for you if you join their new special program, which costs $ 200 a year

Getting a PS5 is still very difficult almost a year after its launch, but at Best Buy have now created a special membership (and highly debatable) that allows you to get it as soon as it is available without fear that others may take it from your hands.

Its new program, called Totaltech, has a series of advantages in discounts and technical service, but the most remarkable and disturbing thing is that privilege to get the PS5 and other “hot products” before anyone. To benefit from these advantages, yes, you will have to pay 200 dollars a year.

Speculating on product shortages?

The famous American chain of electronics products In this way, he inaugurates a controversial program that will create first-class customers —Those who can access the PS5 that reach their warehouses — and second-rate customers, who will have even more difficulty getting hold of the Sony console.


The TotalTech program has several advantages such as constant technical service from its Geek Squad division, free shipping and installation and up to 60 days to return products.

The bots that bought graphics cards: the RTX 3080 are sold out in stores and are resold on eBay at triple their price

Although the privileges to access popular (and scarce) products are not clearly indicated either on the program’s website or in its FAQ, the announcement of the service does reveal how its members with this program “they will also get exclusive offers and access to some of the most difficult to find products“.

There is no precedent for anything like this in the past, and this week at Best Buy units of the PS5 appeared that were available first to members of the Totaltech program. Hopefully other hard-to-get tech products like Xbox Series X or next-gen graphics cards end up being part of those privileges.

Best Buy’s attitude comes dangerously close to that of speculators who use bots to buy those consoles before anyone else and then resell them at an inflated price. It remains to be seen if Best But ends up maintaining this controversial subscription, and if other stores make similar moves.