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Open Health and Joy in One Bottle: Benefits of Beer

Guilty pleasure and beer? What a combination! We tend to think of beer as a guilty pleasure, perhaps because we associate it with a beer gut and weight gain. However, you’ll be relieved to learn that, when drank in moderation, the advantages of a pint of beer or gluten free lager may extend far beyond helping you unwind after a long week.

Here is a happy fact for the beer team and a sad one for the wine team which is, research has revealed that beer contains more protein and Vitamins B compared to wine. However, there are other benefits of beer as well related to health which are discussed as below:


Good for heart:

As the popular saying goes that wine is good for health, the underrated and unpopular fact is that beer is also healthy and good for the heart. What Italian experts had to say about this? Their words were average level beer drinkers had around 42% decreased risk of heart disease compared to others. 

It cleans your teeth:

Beer can help prevent bacteria from developing on your teeth and expanding. The researchers investigated the effects of beer extracts on bacteria that form biofilms and cause tooth decay and gum disease and discovered that even the tiniest amount of beer extract inhibited bacterial activity. Beer was also one of the best extracts at preventing germs from communicating with one another, slowing their growth.

Workout recovery

After a strenuous workout, rewarding yourself with a beer might be a smart idea! Yes, it is not only for your attitude but also for your health. Because alcohol dehydrates the body, drink plenty of water while drinking your beer. Beer, on the other hand, has the carbohydrates and electrolytes that your body requires after a hard workout. While one post-workout drink may be beneficial, three post-workout drinks are probably not.

Good for kidneys:

If you’re lucky, you’ll never have to pass another kidney stone. According to Finnish researchers, each bottle of beer consumed daily reduces a man’s chance of kidney stones by 40%. The researchers aren’t sure why there’s a correlation, but they think it’s because a high fluid intake not only causes an excessive amount of trips to the bathroom, but it also keeps kidneys healthy.

Lowers the risk of diabetes :

According to Harvard University research, adding one to two beers per day to the diet of a group of men who rarely drank made them healthier. They were less likely to develop “Type 2 diabetes” as a result of the extra beers. Please note that the researchers were careful to point out that this doesn’t necessarily mean you should start drinking to avoid diabetes; rather, it suggests that moderate alcohol intake may not be as bad as it seems.

Considering gluten-free beer:

Gluten allergy has become quite popular these days.. As many companies have introduced gluten-free chips and other gluten-free products, so some companies have introduced beer gluten free as well! People who are really conscious about their health consider this beer type. It’s good for health as well. 

It is important to keep in mind whether it’s gluten-free or the other normal beer, it is good for health only when consumed in a moderate quantity.