Belgian, British police arrest migrant smugglers; 12 arrested

Croatia jails 2 police amid migrant violence reports

BRUSSELS (AP) – The Belgian police arrested 10 people suspected of smuggling migrants to Great Britain on Thursday during a major operation related to a cross-border investigation into human trafficking.

Police officers have conducted 12 searches in the Liège region as part of their efforts to dismantle the human trafficking network, the Belgian federal prosecution said.

The suspects have been brought before an investigating judge who will decide whether they should be detained.

Meanwhile, British immigration officials arrested two people during simultaneous searches, the prosecution said.

The Belgian public prosecutor’s office describes the operation of the network and said that migrants were accommodated in hotels before they were transferred to the Netherlands. Once there, they were put on rental boats from the small harbor of Breeskens. In December, the British authorities intercepted 14 people on one of their journeys upon their arrival in Britain.

The federal prosecutor’s office said investigations would continue in both countries.

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