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Belfast off-license by thieves twice in one day

Thieves were targeted by a driver’s license in Belfast twice a day, police said.

The robberies, which were carried out by two different suspects, took place on Saturday afternoon around noon and 8 PM in the buildings on Grosvenor Road.

In the first incident, a man with a cream-colored hoody, dark jeans, black shoes and a blue disposable mask buzzed into the store. He stood behind the counter and threatened the staff with a metal weapon before fleeing with a sum of money.

In the second robbery, a man wearing a white T-shirt, jeans, black sneakers and a face mask threatened the staff with a screwdriver and left with a sum of money.

Detective Sergeant Rachel Miskelly said, “These robberies were frightening trials for the personnel involved, and there seems to be no connection between the two at this stage.

“I call on the help of the public to identify and locate the two people involved. Call 101. “