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Being youtuber (and succeeding) is not easy: taking ‘Youtubers Life 2’ seriously has shown me

When I installed ‘Youtubers Life 2’ on my computer and started to play, I thought “let’s see what I have to do to turn my avatar into a successful youtuber. It’s a game, it shouldn’t be difficult.” I was wrong. Where I expected to find myself a simulator I found myself a deep game, with a message and very complete.

Not only because the simulator has real characters like Rubius, PewDiePie and company, which too, but because it manages to convey that feeling of always having to be on the crest of the wave, of being up-to-date with trends, that if you don’t You update you do not succeed and that being a youtuber or content creator in general not as easy as getting in front of a camera.

Today we talk about this, tomorrow we will see

If you know ‘Youtubers Life’ you will already know how the game mechanics are, but for those who do not know what it is, allow me to make a summary. In ‘Youtubers Life’ we embody our own avatar. Our goal is to become successful youtubers uploading videos to Newtube, streaming on Glitch and uploading photos to Instalife, that is, to YouTube, Twitch and Instagram.

Content recording consists of little challengesYou basically choose reactions and little games by pressing the right keys at the right time. Once the video is finished, we obtain the clips, which are like pieces of a puzzle that we must fit into the video editor. The mechanics are easy, but challenging. The game is not as simple as it sounds.

Actions such as recording videos, editing or streaming consume energy. Without energy we can do nothing

Obviously, we start with a basic computer, a console and a game and it will be up to us to upload content to gain subscribers, coins, recognition, etc., and improve our setup to record more and better. All these recording tasks consume energy, energy that we recover by sleeping, eating or drinking. And this is where the crumb begins.


It is not worth uploading any content, but if we want to succeed we will have to stay up to date with trends. These can be from a personality to a specific game, a video game brand, a type of clothing or a place. Using the trends of every day (because yes, they change every day) is vital to be on the tops and grow as a content creator.

Far from reviewing the game, my intention was take it seriously, behave as a youtuber would or, at least, as the game suggests that we should. So, I set out to create content related to trends, something that is not as simple as uploading a video and that’s it.


The game that hits it at first works well, but after days people lose interest. You have to change third, find another game. What do the trends say? That that other one is fucking it now? Let’s go with him. And so on. The game is about that, about making things that work because people are what they want to see. And that exhausts.

Shy of the world, we are losing the internet

Joining the trends can be taking a photo in this or that place, with this or that character, recording a video of this or that game, about this or that event … That forces you to be in constant movement, to be always Top down and focus on the content that is really going to work. It’s a game of course, but yes it has tired me to do it in a video game, I don’t even want to imagine what it must be like to do it in real life.


Somehow I can imagine it, certainly. In the end, the work of the people who dedicate ourselves to write about a subject such as technology consists in part of that, in being up to date and detecting trends to write about them in a didactic and entertaining way. Maybe that’s why I felt identified with my avatar in the game.

Time is limited, you have limited energy, and themes and trends burn out. What matters today does not matter tomorrow and your job is not only to detect it (in the game it is as easy as looking at your mobile, in real life it is not so easy), but to do it on time. Always be up to date, always up to date, always ready to do something that people want to consume can be exhausting. The game manages to convey this feeling perfectly: you are a slave to trends.

Succeeding, at least in the game, means being a slave to trends

During games I realized that it is impossible to get to everything. It is not possible to get up, record and edit a couple of videos or stream, attend an event, feed social networks with content and participate in community life (aka doing the main and secondary missions or meeting the youtubers of the city) in one day. It is impossible because you get tired, because the ticking of the clock tightens and because, at the end of the day, we are human and we must rest.

Party On The Yacht
Party On The Yacht

The game reflects this openly. If a certain time passes the establishments close, so you may not be able to buy the fashion game and you will not be able to upload content about it. You have stayed out of the trend. Perhaps you have work ahead of you and you cannot do it because you are tired and you do not have food or drink to recover energy. It is time to go to sleep and the next day yesterday’s content is not valid, it is time to start from scratch, to update again.

I was going to become a notary public, but I ended up teaching Clash Royale to millions of people

At first it’s even more pressing. The videos that you upload at the beginning hardly generate any income, so the way to get money to buy games, improve the computer and stay up to date is to run errands, usually things like taking photos, taking packages from one place to another and that kind of thing. stuff.

Doing it all in one day is impossible and doing it the next day may mean staying out of a trend

You get up without a penny, you do two missions that give you 400 coins to buy the fashion game and, without realizing it, it is already 7:00 p.m. You run to buy the game, you get home, you start playing, recording and editing. Video works better than above, but the cost has been to go to bed at 2:00 and not regain all energy for the next day.


It is certainly interesting that a game of cartoon aesthetics, apparently childish and innocent, is able to demonstrate so crudely that this work of the 21st century, because it is a job done and right, it is not just standing in front of the camera and chatting. Being an Ibai, a Rubius, a Willyrex or a PewDiePie is not just putting yourself in front of the camera, it is working hard, it is sacrificing yourself and it is finding that balance that, sometimes, is elusive.

Youtubers Life 2

Disclaimer: Youtubers Life 2 is a game published by Raiser Games, a company of the Webedia group to which Xataka also belongs.