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Beef Picanha – Ever Wondered Why This Style of Italian Cooking is so Popular?

When most people think of Picanha, they conjure up images of great beef recipes that are difficult to execute correctly.

What they often don’t realize is that the real key to grilling a Picanha is in the technique used for cooking it. If you have never cooked a beef picanha, it can be a very frustrating dish to cook if you don’t know what you’re doing. The best way to prepare and grill a picanha is through the simple method of using a bbq grill. The method I’m going to reveal to you will help make your picanha one of your favorite recipes.

Basically, you’ll start by scoresfully scoring the excess fat cover of the picanha. You don’t need to do this, just like how you score on the other side of beef when grilling pork chop. Next, you lightly sear the picanha all over. This seals the meat in and makes a great foundation for any recipe for fried foods like picanha. Next, make sure to let the picanha sit in an ambient temperature of about 225 degrees F for a few minutes.

Now, let’s get down to really cooking the picanha. Your goal is to remove the excess fat covering the fatty tissue of the picanha so that it’s easier to drain away. To do this properly, slice the picanha into half inch pieces. Then, with a sharp knife or by poking each individual cut with a rubber or wooden stick, cut the picanha in half lengthwise.

Now, it’s time to cook up your recipe. Place a large, dry frying pan over medium heat and add one tablespoon of olive oil. When the oil gets hot, place a picaha onto the skillet. Close the lid and turn the picanha over to cook the other side. Remove the skewer after about a minute so that the picanha cooks easily on the top side.

Cook the picanha until it reaches its pinkish brown midsection. After about two minutes, flip and cook the opposite side. When you flip, ensure that both sides are done, and both are browned. Add some more olive oil and mix together well. Salt and pepper to taste and serve warm.

Skewer the meat on skewers for maximum flash and enjoy your new grilled picanha recipe. By cutting the excess fat layer and reducing the number of cuts taken, you will be able to make healthier dishes. For people watching their diet, this is an easy way to add protein without eating healthier. If you buy picanha for sale, be sure to avoid the excessive seasoning that is often included.