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‘Bayonetta 3’ already has a first gameplay trailer for Nintendo Switch: we will have to wait until 2022 to play it

During Nintendo’s presentation in recent hours the company has put the icing on the cake with a first official trailer for ‘Bayonetta 3’. The third installment of the long-awaited video game has appeared on the scene through a gameplay for Nintendo Switch. Of course, nothing to be able to play the title until at least 2022.

‘Bayonetta 3’ has a long history of development. Since practically 2017, it was known about its development and in 2018 they explained why it would be exclusive to Nintendo Switch. However, it will not be available yet until sometime in 2022 if everything goes as estimated.


Today Nintendo has shown a first gameplay of the video game. Two minutes full of pure action after practically years without knowing anything about the video game. In the trailer, the protagonist shows her destruction capabilities, killing all kinds of enemies through combined attacks, spells and transformations into giant beings.

Present and future of the Nintendo Switch

La Nintendo Switch he still has a lot of future ahead, despite the fact that it is a console with several years behind it. With the recent introduction of the Nintendo Switch OLED the company has slightly renewed interest in the console. Now with the arrival of expansions like the Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis you can keep the interest even more.

The best games of 2021 for Nintendo Switch

Although without a doubt what makes the difference is the games and catalog available for the console. In this aspect, Nintendo has the advantage of having some mythical and exclusive games. Also with the promise of future extraordinary titles like this ‘Bayonetta 3’.

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