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Awesome Tips to Make Delicious Momo’s at Home with Momo Maker

Who Doesn’t love momos? It’s everyone’s favourite and the most popular Tibetan food. You can prepare it with different fillings and serve it hot with a spicy chili sauce. Its versatility makes it a beloved food that can be enjoyed as a starter or a meal in itself. And, if you have a momo maker at home, making this scrumptious delicacy at home will become an easy task. Below are some awesome tips to make some delicious momos at home with a momo maker.


  • Start by preparing the dough using a momo maker. Just add the required ingredients with the right amount of water and turn on the appliance. It will automatically mix the ingredients, knead the dough and extrude it. Avoid using readymade sheets as they are not healthy.

  • Prepare fillings of your choice – cabbage filling, paneer filling, mixed vegetable filling, or chicken filling.


  • Cut the dough in a round shape using the round dough cutter that comes with your appliance. Wet the edges of the momo die and keep the round-shaped dough in it.  Stuff it with the fillings, wet the edges with oil or water, and snap the die close. Hold it for a few seconds and then open it. Momos are ready to be fried or steamed.


  • If you wish to steam it, cook it in a steam cooker. If you like it fried, deep fry the momos in oil. Once ready, serve it hot with spicy chutney or mayonnaise. 


  • Instead of applying oil on the base of the steam cooker plates, try placing a leaf of cabbage, which you can later use to roll the momos and have along with spicy chutney, adding a unique taste to the momos. 


  • While the momos are being steamed, do not open the lid, again and again to check if they are prepared. The usual cooking time for momos is 12-15 minutes. So, let it cook.


Next time, when you have guests at home, serve them a variety of homemade momos like chicken momos, paneer momos, and vegetarian momos. Momo maker is one of the best cooking appliances you can have in your kitchen. Remember the above tips that can help you be a pro at making momos.