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Avalanche defeated Blues on the goal of Nazem Kadri with 0.1 seconds to go

Nazem Kadri barely beat the clock and that’s why the Avalanche are temporarily on top of the Western Conference of the NHL.

Kadri started a rebound with 0.1 seconds remaining in the third period on Sunday to beat defending champion Stanley Cup Blues 2-1 at Edmonton’s bubble location in the league. The power-play goal was confirmed after a video review by the league in Toronto.

The teams played a round-robin opening game with the top four teams in the West, which will determine where they will be placed in the playoffs of the Stanley Cup. Colorado got two points for the win, which put them at the top of the rankings.

If the puck had passed the goal line a tenth of a second or more later, the teams would have played a regular season 3-for-3 extension, followed by a shootout if necessary. Round-robin games are treated differently from the qualifying round games played in Edmonton and Toronto, the East Bubble. Playoff overtime rules are in effect for qualifying tournaments, i.e. 5-to-5 skating and 20-minute periods.

The other round-robin teams in the West are the Stars and Golden Knights. They meet in Edmonton on Monday.

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