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Automattic, WordPress parent company, acquires the Spanish company Frontity, creator of an Open Source React framework

Automattic behind the well-known WordPress, the leading content management platform on the Internet. In recent times they have been acquiring more and more companies: Tumblr, Pocket Casts or Day One, and now their list of acquisitions is growing.

Automattic has announced the acquisition of Frontity, a Spanish company that is responsible for an Open Source framework that allows you to create websites from WordPress with React.

Editor Gutenberg as the protagonist

The good relations between both parties were obvious: in April 2020 Automattic invested one million euros in Frontity, and it seems that said investment was the prelude of this acquisition agreement.

Frontity 3

According to those in charge of Frontity, the entire team of the company —including its founders, Pablo Postigo and Luis Herranz— will become part of Automattic.

WordPress is an example of how far open source can go

This Spanish company has been working on Frontity Framework for two years, an Open Source environment that makes it easy for developers to create WordPress websites with React.

Frontity’s experience could serve to improve front-end tools, web performance, the documentation and the user experience, but it seems that there may also be a protagonist who would especially benefit from this acquisition.

It’s about Gutenberg, the native WordPress editor which is a fundamental part of the user experience of this CMS. It will be interesting to see what improvements come to this powerful tool from the hand of the Spanish startup. The cost of the operation is not known.

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