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Athletes ‘likely quite concerned’ following positive Covid test in village for Tokyo 2020

After a Games-related organizer became the first person to test positive for Covid-19 in the athletes’ village, the chief of the Tokyo Olympics admits that competitors are “certainly quite anxious.”

The instance is one of 15 Games-related cases recorded on Saturday, with the victim being quarantined in a hotel for 14 days.

When the organizer arrived in Japan, he tested negative before returning a positive test during the village screening.

The village “must be the safest location,” according to the organizers.

“I’m sure the athletes who are traveling to Japan are nervous. “I get it,” said Games director Seiko Hashimoto.

“That is why we must be completely transparent.”

“We’re doing everything we can to avoid a Covid outbreak. If an outbreak occurs, we will ensure that we have a plan in place to deal with it.”

The Games, which were postponed for a year due to the global pandemic, are being staged mostly without spectators and under strict quarantine laws. Tokyo is currently under a state of emergency that will last until at least August 22nd, owing to escalating Covid-19 numbers.

Athletes are beginning to arrive in Tokyo for the Olympics, which will take place from July 23 to August 8.