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As the crisis intensifies, Russia gives North Korea Covid vaccinations once more.

Russia has provided Covid vaccinations to North Korea once more, amid allegations that the country is starving due to a strict curfew.

A number of countries have offered Pyongyang vaccines and help, but Pyongyang has declined.

Instead, it has sealed its borders to prevent the virus out, although this has hampered trade with China. It gets its food, fertilizer, and gasoline from Beijing.

Kim Jong-un has admitted that the country is experiencing food shortages, calling the situation “tight.”

He made the remarks last month, as well as warning locals to expect the “worst-ever outcome,” prompting analogies to a fatal famine in the 1990s.

International trade sanctions are thought to have added to the pressure on food prices.

Russia has already warned North Korea that “unprecedentedly tough, sweeping sanctions” are unavoidable, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated on Wednesday that Moscow had given Pyongyang vaccines on several occasions.

He also reiterated his promise to supply immunizations if the country needed them.