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Apple’s lawsuit against Epic Games already has a sentence: a “tie” with millionaire compensation and an obligation to allow other payment systems

The fierce trial between Apple and Epic Games ended in May without a declared winner. Now, three months later, the American Justice has passed sentence on this battle after the decision to kick Fortnite from its App Store and for the 30% commissions.

As anticipated after hearing the arguments of both parties, the judges have ruled that both companies must take their share of responsibility. This is what has been concluded.

Epic Games will have to pay Apple ..

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers states that Epic Games will have to pay Apple for breaking the contract with the App Store and introduce a direct payment system in Fortnite for iOS.

How much will you have to pay? This is explained in the court decision.

In favor of Apple for breach of contract. Epic Games will pay damages for a amount equal to 30% of the $ 12,167,719 in revenue that Epic Games raised of users on the Fortnite app on iOS through Epic Direct Payment between August and October 2020, plus the 30% of such revenue that Epic Games collected from November 1, 2020 to the date of the ruling, and interest from according to the law.

.. but Apple will have to allow other payment systems to developers

A few weeks ago Apple announced that from 2022 it would allow “reading” applications to link outside the App Store to charge the user. These applications may include a button or link within the app that leads to a website where the user sets up a new account. Apps like Netflix, Spotify or Amazon Kindle. A significant change that has taken years to come, but that it would not be enough to fulfill the sentence of the North American Justice.

The sentence explains that Apple has “forbidden to prevent developers from including external links in their applications or other actions that direct purchase mechanisms. “In other words, if App Store application developers want to offer alternative payment gateways to Apple’s, they may add it as an additional option. Not just “reading” apps, but all.

The resolution of the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games resolves that the game company did not comply with the rules of the App Store, but it agrees with this company in terms of the way Apple works.

Apple will from now on 90 days (until December 9) to implement the changes, unless Apple decides to go to the Supreme of the United States and appeal this resolution.

The Court finds that “it cannot ultimately conclude that Apple is a monopolist under federal or state antitrust laws,” but it does establish that it is “engaging in anti-competitive conduct under California competition laws.”

The European Commission accuses Apple officially and agrees with Spotify: these are the reasons why it faces a fine of up to 23,000 million euros

Resolution is of great impact to developers and agrees with both parties on specific points. Apple is not considered a monopoly, Epic Games will have to pay its share and the future of the App Store will have to be more open. The end of a trial that has its counterpart in the European Union and will foreseeably mark the future of the App Store.

From Engadget we have contacted Apple to find out their views on this sentence. We will update when we get your communication.

More information | United States District Court (Via The Verge)